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No, your eyes don’t deceive you, Bub, that really is Donald Duck as Wolverine. 

2024 is a big anniversary year for both characters with Logan turning 50 and Donald Duck reaching 90. To celebrate, Disney and Marvel have joined forces for a new celebratory one-shot that combines the two characters for one hilarious adventure.

Marvel & Disney: What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine #1 is written by Luca Barbieri and drawn by artist Giada Perissinotto. The issue mashes up various Marvel and Disney characters in a story that is – somewhat unexpectedly – a riff on Jeff Lemire and Ed Brisson’s classic, gritty Old Man Logan. We’re also promised a look at “some of the greatest moments in Donald-Wolverine’s history including his time spent with Weapon X and the Uncanny X-Men!”

Here’s the issue’s main cover by Giada Perissinotto, followed by variants from Ron Lim, Peach Momoko and Phil Noto.

Marvel’s official synopsis teases some of the other mashed-up characters that we’ll meet in the one-shot.

“Travel to the near future where chaos rules as Pete-Skull transforms Duckburg into a super-hero-less wasteland. Only Old Donald Duck can turn the tide, but he’s given up his battling days and prefers naps and his grandma’s apple pie over fighting villains. But when Mickey-Hawkeye comes knocking at the door with Goofy-Hulk at his side, Wolverine-Donald has to make a choice! Will a trip down memory lane change his mind to save the world? Or will the lure of the backyard hammock and a long nap keep him from popping his claws one last time?”

“Goofy-Hulk.” Incredible. 

The one-shot follows hot on the heels of the What If…? Disney variant covers of the last few years and the announcement of this June’s Uncle Scrooge and the Infinity Dime #1, which sees Donald’s Uncle enter the Multiverse to fight his evil future self, the Scrooge-Above-All. Marvel has also teased that more crossovers between their superheroes and Disney characters will be released throughout the rest of the year and into 2025.

Marvel & Disney: What If…? Donald Duck Became Wolverine #1 is published by Marvel Comics on July 31.

Old Man Logan is a classic and one of the picks on our list of the best Wolverine stories of all time.

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