The omission of Doctor Doom as the villain in the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot suggests a fresh and surprising direction for the franchise, veering away from familiar storylines. Galactus, portrayed potentially by Javier Bardem, is rumored to be the main villain in the new film, offering a sense of dread and grandeur to the Fantastic Four’s challenges. While Doctor Doom may not be the main villain, his involvement in the MCU’s Fantastic Four is still possible through the concept of the multiverse, which allows for future appearances and alternate versions of characters like Galactus.

The MCU‘s reboot of the Fantastic Four has taken an unexpected turn with the likely omission of Doctor Doom, the archenemy typically synonymous with the superhero team. Audiences are sure to be confused by this cut, and to have several questions: top of which is the question of who will step in.

Victor Von Doom, or Doctor Doom, is not just a villain; he’s a legend in Marvel’s Fantastic Four lore. With his unique blend of technological genius and mystical powers, Doom has consistently been the most formidable adversary of the team. To that end, it always felt inevitable that he would appear in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four movie. Doctor Doom not being the villain in the new adaptation is a significant deviation from the norm, suggesting a fresh and more surprising direction for the franchise. It raises the question, if Doctor Doom isn’t the MCU Fantastic Four’s villain, who is? And why ignore him?

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Marvel Is Reportedly Casting Galactus As The Main Villain Of Fantastic Four

The decision to keep Doctor Doom out of Marvel’s Fantastic Four hints at a desire to explore new narrative paths and refresh the franchise. Steering clear of familiar storylines would allow Marvel to introduce new dynamics and challenges for the team, thereby reinvigorating the series with unexpected twists and turns. Two versions of Doom have already appeared in previous Fantastic Four adaptations, after all.

With the void left by Doctor Doom, several characters emerge as potential new antagonists. The Super Skrull, a version of whom appeared in Disney +’s Secret Invasion show, would normally be a candidate, but previous use suggests otherwise. Another Kang variant offers intriguing possibilities, if Marvel choose not to move away from him after Jonathan Majors’ real life controversies. More tangibly, rumors suggest that Javier Bardem might portray Galactus, the cosmic force singularly capable of instilling a sense of dread and grandeur to the Fantastic Four reboot.

A non-humanoid version of Galactus appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007. It was not a popular move.

Introducing Galactus in the new film, potentially with Javier Bardem in the role, presents an opportunity to portray the villain with the depth and gravitas he commands. Bardem’s proven ability to deliver powerful performances suggests that Galactus could be depicted as a truly menacing and formidable adversary, adding a new layer of intensity to the Fantastic Four’s challenges.

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How Doctor Doom Could Still Appear In The MCU’s Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom looking down at camera.

While Doctor Doom may not appear as the main villain in the new Fantastic Four movie, there is still potential for his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Fantastic Four’s connection to the multiverse, a concept now integral to the MCU, could also play a pivotal role in the new film. The team’s comic book adventures often involve interdimensional travel and encounters with alternate realities, making the multiverse an ideal setting for their next movie. This narrative device not only facilitates diverse storytelling but also keeps the door open for future appearances of Doctor Doom. Even if Galactus were to successfully destroy the MCU version of the Fantastic Four’s Earth, they could still travel to the main timeline.

There’s also the possibility that Doctor Doom could be introduced as the new main villain in the Multiverse Saga as a replacement for Kang. Using Doctor Doom for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars would allow for his development as a major antagonist for the Fantastic Four, while also delivering on his promise as a franchise-wide supervillain. In short, the Multiverse Saga offers unique storytelling opportunities and the introduction of different versions of characters, making it an ideal platform to explore the complex dynamics between Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four.

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