Though Venom 3 is only five months away, we know next to nothing about the movie and the trailer is yet to be released as well.

That might all change thanks to an alleged plot synopsis that has leaked online and involves Spider-Man.

Note: Potential spoilers follow if the info is legit.

Via 3C Films on YouTube, it’s claimed that since Venom has a Multiversal hivemind, that the symbiote knows Spider-Man is destined to kill both Venom and Eddie Brock.

So Venom convinces Eddie to hunt down the Peter Parker in their universe; however, that Peter Parker happens to be only 10-years-old.

So they kidnap Peter and are supposed to kill him, but Eddie has second thoughts following Venom exposing the 10-year-old Peter to normal spiders which causes a severe allergic reaction in Peter.

Eddie decides not to kill the boy and instead pretends to be his father and takes him to the hospital.

Enter the Villains

It’s claimed that the Eddie’s symbiote becomes increasingly more unhappy that he is attached to Eddie, but Eddie has bigger things to worry about with the appearance of a new powerful symbiote, Toxin, who is the offspring of Carnage, and who merges with Detective Peter Mulligan (Stephen Graham).

Toxin vows to “destroy all monsters” including Venom and the young Peter Parker.

So what happens is that Toxin spawns more symbiotes with one merging with Juno Temple’s character, Lieutenant Patricia Robertson, who is Eddie’s new love interest.

The new group of alien symbiotes threatens “to unleash destruction on the entire city of San Francisco.”

The Jury – Marvel Comics

Enter “The Jury”

Next, The Jury is introduced in the movie which is a group of vigilante humans led by Chiwetel Ejiofor who want to kill all the symbiotes as his oldest son was killed previously by Carnage in a prison escape.

So the gist of the movie is:

And now, threatened on all fronts, Eddie must keep the young Spider-Man alive as he faces off against both a deadly new group of spawned aliens and a vigilante group that wants to eradicate him as he attempts to keep his own life from falling apart… and prevent ultimate carnage from befalling the people of San Francisco.

Venom: The Last Dance gets released on October 25, 2024 directed by Kelly Marcel and written by Marcel and Tom Hardy.

”}]] The Venom 3 plot has allegedly leaked online which offers possible big spoilers on the villains and what the movie is about.  Read More