The updated logo for Venom 3 suggests the involvement of the red symbiote, Toxin. The position of the “3” in the logo hints at the possibility of multiple Venoms in the movie. The introduction of multiversal Venoms could lead to a continuation of Venom’s story without Tom Hardy.

Just 10 days ago, Sony unveiled a logo for Venom 3 at CES 2024, but an updated logo has just been revealed for the upcoming Marvel movie. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is dominating 2024, with three movies comprising the release schedule in contrast to the MCU’s one and DC’s one. The third installment of the Tom Hardy-led series is rounding out the year for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in November, with Venom 3‘s story details yet to be confirmed, though the updated logo may offer some clues.

The logo, shown below, was captured by Collider and shows the flash of red in the design, and a small “3” positioned to the top-right of the “Venom” title. Screen Rant has reached out to Sony for comment on the logo. The logo differs substantially from what was first revealed, which depicted a much larger, red “3” positioned directly behind the title. The color alone heavily suggests the involvement of Toxin – a red symbiote, like Carnage, that uses Patrick Mulligan as a host. The positioning of the “3” in this logo, however, could hint at another mind-bending detail.


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With Mulligan’s survival being so conspicuous in the climax of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the involvement of Toxin is practically a dead cert that the red color schemes of both Venom 3 logos corroborate. The position of the “3” in the updated logo, meanwhile, resembles the mathematical sign for “cubed,” i.e. a number multiplied by itself three times. With that in mind, this could imply that Venom 3 may involve multiple Venoms – this time as variants rather than offspring. This would bring a mind-bending new layer to the movie, rather than simply depict Venom fighting yet another symbiote.

The multiverse is currently a pervasive theme in superhero movies. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is no exception, as Eddie Brock was last seen in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home after being transported to the MCU’s universe. This not only confirms that the multiverse exists in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, but that Venom has visited another universe and even left a piece of himself there. The debut of multiversal Venoms, therefore, could both end the trilogy with a bang and open the door for a new Eddie Brock to continue Venom’s story in Tom Hardy’s absence after Venom 3.

Source: Collider

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