In 2022, Marvel Comics published what it described as “the most terrifying Spider-Man story ever” with the digital-exclusive comic Spine-Tingling Spider-Man that comic book stores didn’t even get to see.

Now, they’re working on sequel for comic book stores, and Marvel believes its so scary they’ve raised the age rating on the comic.

Image credit: Juan Ferreyra (Marvel Comics)

October’s Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra was originally rated ‘T+ Teens and Up’ – meaning, in Marvel ratings terminology, it is appropriate for those of us aged 13 and up.

But now, one month ahead of the book’s debut, they have alerted retailers to a last-minute change saying, in effect, this comic is no longer safe for for those 13 or 14, or anywhere below. October’s Spine-Tingling Spider-Man is now rated ‘Parental Advisory’ – as in for ages 15 & up. This warning is put on books that Marvel believes have “more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.”

While this might mean fewer younger readers, for older readers it might make it even more enticing to want to read.

What is Marvel’s most-adult ranking? That would be the rarely-used ‘Explicit Content’ ranking – intended for comics intended for those of us 18 years of age or older.

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