While the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) may have lost some of its charm after peaking with Phase 4, Marvel plans to keep audiences hooked with their video games. Marvel’s video game universe wants to tell a lot of stories and share new experiences about the characters from the MCU. From Venom to Black Panther, Marvel’s video game collection is about to get a lot more exciting by 2025.

In a sea of promising projects lined up for 2025 and beyond, these Marvel games aim to open up new experiences for players, involving some of their most beloved characters.

The most recent announcement is related to a video game that brings Captain America and Black Panther together in a historical drama with loads of old-school action and weighty dialogues. Wolverine is getting a standalone video game and the same goes for Blade, a lesser-known Marvel superhero synonymous with vampires and the undead. The wait becomes unbearable, right?

There’s more! Did we tell you about another standalone video game featuring – wait a moment – Iron Man? How about another game that lets you explore your dark side with the powers of Venom?

If only there was a way to keep this nail-biting suspense in check! Well maybe drooling over the details shared by these game development studios and publishers could help.

Hence, we have curated our list of all the upcoming Marvel games expected to be released in 2025, gathering everything we could about these titles. Remember that the dates are subject to change and some of these projects could be delayed into 2026 or beyond. (although we hope not)

Upcoming Marvel games releasing in 2025

Venom: Lethal Protector

Releasing in: 2025

On the heels of the mega success that was Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games is preparing a spin-off with Venom as the protagonist. Venom: Lethal Protector is already under development and is expected to be released in 2025.

Unlike the Spider-Man titles, Insomniac Games is rumoured to approach the plot for this video game differently. Industry insiders hint that players could witness the brutality and destructive force of the symbiote that turns the protagonist into Venom. The game will take place in the Spider-Man universe and there’s a greater chance of witnessing our friendly neighbourhood superheroes swinging by occasionally for some epic boss fights.

For those who loved all the Symbiote missions with Peter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, this game could be a great way to see the world through the eyes of this anti-hero.

(Image Credits: Insomniac Games)

1943: Rise of Hydra

Releasing in: 2025

The MCU may have retired Captain America but Marvel’s video game universe is bringing Cap back for an adventure that also involves — wait for it — Black Panther.

The game is called 1943: Rise of Hydra and is directed by Amy Hennig, who was also responsible for the award-winning Uncharted franchise on PlayStation. The game will be based on Unreal Engine 5.4, which promises a breathtaking visual experience.

The cinematic trailer gives us a fair idea of what to expect from Captain America’s first standalone video game. The story seems to be set in Marvel’s version of a war-torn Europe in 1943 where Hydra is creeping closer to its intentions of total world domination. The short trailer sets up our favourite Steve Rogers against King T’Challa’s grandfather, Azzuri, who dons the Black Panther suit. Is anyone getting Captain America: Civil War vibes?

We have high hopes for this one.

(Image Credits: Skydance Media)

Iron Man

Releasing in: 2025

In all these years of Iron Man dominating the superhero scene, we never got a standalone game that let us step into the suit of Tony Stark and, as they say it, save the world! Thanks to Electronic Arts and Motive, we may finally get that opportunity in 2025.

EA is working on a standalone single-player video game on Iron Man and based on recent developments, it seems that the game will reach digital stores in 2025. Although we have yet to see a gameplay or cinematic trailer, EA was kind enough to tease us with a silhouette of the Iron Man suit, rendered in the beauty of Unreal Engine 5.

While many speculate that the basic gameplay experience could be no different to what we saw in Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers or those tastefully developed Iron Man mods for GTA 5, we have a lot of expectations from EA to deliver something unique.

Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist set a high bar and we hope that the creators behind this game do an equally good job in bringing the same magic to our PC/TV screens.

(Image Credits: Electronic Arts)


Releasing in: 2025

Joining this exciting list of upcoming Marvel video games is Wolverine, which will most likely see a public release in 2025 (fingers crossed). Developed by the same team that worked on Spider-Man games for PS5, Wolverine could finally let us interact with the world of Marvel’s mutant heroes. 

After a massive data breach at Insomniac Games that leaked development footage of the game, the world got a fair idea of what to expect. You will step into the shoes of Logan and get to access his iconic Adamantium claws to tear through enemies and fight bosses. Logan will be using his iconic yellow-black suit and showcase incredible capabilities of stealth, combat and parkour.

The game will involve other popular figures from the X-Men franchise and its storyline will take Logan across various locales like Alaska, Avalon, Canada, Japan and the fictional island of Madripoor.

(Image Credits: Insomniac Games)


Releasing in: 2025

2025 could also see Marvel’s Blade getting added to its expansive roster of video games. Developed by Arkane Lyon, a studio responsible for titles like Deathloop and Dishonored, Blade could be a great action RPG for hardcore fans of Marvel Comics. 

For those unfamiliar with this Marvel Comics character, Blade is a fusion of human and vampire. His unique composition gives him superhuman abilities like enhanced strength, great stamina and fast healing. In the video game, Blade will be stuck in a part of Paris that’s affected by a deadly pandemic and his role will be to kill the undead. You can expect a lot of impressive sword action, hand combat and lots of opportunities to slash zombies. 

(Image Credits: Arkane Lyon)

Black Panther

Releasing in: 2025/2026

If you assumed that 1943: Rise of Hydra was the only game where Black Panther is making his appearance, you are highly mistaken. Cliffhanger Games, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is working on a standalone video game on Wakanda’s Masked Warrior and if all goes well, we could be seeing it on the shelves before 2025 ends. 

This single-player third-person video game on Black Panther promises to deliver an original story that fans can relate to everything they know about the superhero. EA also confirms offering an immersive world of Wakanda that will demonstrate its superior technologies and all its core characters that make Black Panther so special.

We assume the standalone game could focus on T’Challa as the Black Panther and try to weave a new story completely unrelated to the one we saw in the MCU. 

(Image Credits: EA)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which is the best Marvel game releasing in 2024?
There are no Marvel games planned for release in 2024.

– Which is the most awaited Marvel game releasing in 2025?1943: Rise of Hydra and Wolverine are among the most awaited Marvel games releasing in 2025.

– When is Marvel’s 1943: Rise of Hydra releasing?Marvel’s 1943: Rise of Hydra will be released in 2025.