Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has some glitches that can affect gameplay, including one that causes a player to get stuck in an inconvenient location. Players have found various ways to exploit the game, such as playing as Venom or achieving infinite tricks and combos. Insomniac has released patches and updates to fix major bugs, but some players enjoy finding and sharing glitches for fun.

One Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 player became stuck in an inconvenient location while exploring the game world. While the game is widely considered a successful and entertaining action-adventure experience, many glitches can still be found while playing. From helpful bugs that allow infinite tricks and combos to exploits, such as being able to play as Venom, some players continue to encounter unique issues. While not all of them are game-breaking, there are a few that bog down the web-swinging and wall-crawling experience.

While some of the older bugs have been patched, like the original way to free-roam as Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, many gamers still continue to find new methods to achieve the said results. Unfortunately, there are some glitches that players stumble upon by accident. Even worse, some of these could easily stall progress if left unpatched. One unlucky Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 player learned this the hard way when they got stuck in a very inconvenient location while roaming NYC.


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Reddit user ArthurMorgan9 was gliding around NYC when they suddenly got stuck while passing through a water tower. In the video they posted, it looks like they had clipped through a small gap while doing tricks but could not get out. Fortunately, the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fan solved their problem by switching to another character. Understandably, it could be a cause of concern for many players, especially since there might be other obstacles or locations where this incident could happen.

As expected, the comments section had a field day, making light of the situation. Some users had funny quips about how Spider-Man was stuck. However, a number of comments noted their dissatisfaction with how they felt the game was unfinished and buggy. While it is true that the game has had its fair share of glitches and issues, Insomniac has done its part in providing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 patches and updates to fix a lot of major bugs. Many of the problems that players encountered during the launch have now been fixed thanks to the developer’s efforts.

Even with Insomniac’s efforts to patch out all bugs, there are a few that players wish the developers would not update. From infinite tricks to brutal unlimited combos in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fans have been utilizing these techniques to have fun in the game. In addition, many of the gameplay clips gain regular buzz on various social media platforms. Hopefully, Insomniac achieves a balance in patching out the game-breaking and immersion-breaking issues while letting players have their share of fun finding glitches, invisible walls, and secret techniques.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 console exclusive. Insomniac’s open-world game features Peter Parker and Miles Morales as dual protagonists, with the two heroes going up against the likes of Kraven, Venom, and Lizard. 

 One unlucky Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 player encounters an inconvenient glitch that gets them trapped in an unexpected location while exploring NYC.  Read More