Ultimate Bullseye is on point. In January, Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Spider-Man #1 introduced a middle-aged Peter Parker, married to Mary Jane with two kids, who worked at The Daily Bugle with his Uncle Ben. That was until the Bugle underwent an “editorial restructuring” that ousted longtime newsmen Ben Parker and J. Jonah Jameson in the wake of their dogged coverage of the “Stark terror attack.” Secretly, the Maker’s Council carried out the attack and framed the teenage Tony Stark as a terrorist, with the cabal conspiring with the Daily Bugle‘s owner: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime.

And where there’s Kingpin, there’s Bullseye. Marvel Comics has revealed a new look at Ultimate Bullseye, who will make his mark in Ultimate Spider-Man #3 (on stands March 27). The master marksman and assassin appeared, albeit unnamed, as Fisk’s unspeaking and eyepatched henchman in the first two issues.

(Photo: Marco Checchetto via Marvel Comics)

After the black suit-clad Spider-Man tangled with his first supervillain — the Shocker — upcoming issues of Ultimate Spider-Man will feature another new vigilante: Harry Osborn, the Green Goblin. According to the synopsis for issue #3, Spider-Man and the hero Goblin will team up to fight Bullseye as they work together to expose secrets about the cabal controlling North America on Earth-6160

See the covers and official solicits for Ultimate Spider-Man issues #3-#6 below.

Ultimate Spider-Man #3 (March 27, 2024)

PETER PARKER’S NEW LIFE GETS EVEN MORE COMPLICATED… Spider-Man sizes up the new hero Green Goblin! As they team up to fight a new super villain, secrets about the corporations running North America are revealed… And you’ll never guess who discovers Spider-Man’s secret identity!

Ultimate Spider-Man #4 (April 24, 2024)

WHO IS THE GREEN GOBLIN? Peter Parker’s secret life starts fraying the edges of his personal life! J. Jonah Jameson and Ben Parker’s pursuit of truth – or, at least, the news – stirs unrest with the world at large… And now that Spider-Man may not have to operate alone, the real work of rebuilding this corrupt world can begin!

Ultimate Spider-Man #5 (May 29, 2024)

THE SECRET HISTORY OF HARRY OSBORN! How does the heir apparent of Oscorp become a masked vigilante? And what does Green Goblin know of the true status of the world he lives in? All and more will be revealed!

Ultimate Spider-Man #6 (June 19, 2024)

Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto present the shocking conclusion to their opening arc in Ultimate Spider-Man #6. Spider-Man must finally confront the head honcho himself: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin! Kingpin, as owner and operator of the Daily Bugle, has been working with the Maker’s Council to control the spread of information in their favor… Which means he’s the first domino that must be toppled to end their regime! PLUS: Mary Jane holds her own. ‘Nuff said!

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