MCU fans are already speculating on which characters will be killed off in Marvel’s upcoming movie Thunderbolts, with Red Guardian and Taskmaster being potential candidates. Some fans believe that Ghost and Bucky Barnes are likely to survive, given the potential future plans for their characters. There is anticipation for a bombshell moment at the end of Thunderbolts, which is expected to conclude Phase 5 of the MCU.

As noted by, MCU fans are already making predictions on which character is going to be killed off in Marvel’s upcoming movie, Thunderbolts.

Thunderbolts will feature Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, David Harbour’s Red Guardian, Florence Pugh’s Yelena, Wyatt Russell’s U.S. Agent, Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost, and Olga Kurylenko’s Taskmaster. The Marvel film also includes stars like Harrison Ford, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steven Yeun, and Ayo Edebiri.

The upcoming Marvel movie is also expected to wrap up Phase 5 of the MCU.

Previously, while chatting with, David Harbour told the outlet that fans should expect a “bomb” to be dropped on them at some point in the Marvel movie. He said, “I have not read a script, but I have been told the arc of the story and how the story goes. It’s very cool. It’s very unique.”

The Stranger Things star then added, “It also has all this cool action and comedy, from what has been described to me, and then there is a bomb drop thing we add to the universe, which will be very exciting for the movie to do at the end of this particular phase that we’re ending.”

With that in mind, plenty of MCU fans have already started to predict which characters will be left standing at the end of Thunderbolts.

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One redditor noted that they “wouldn’t write off Ghost so quickly,” before questioning, “Why would they bring her back after 6 years just to kill her off? It wouldn’t mean much, since the character wasn’t huge. They probably have plans for her that go beyond this movie.”

The fan added, “I agree that Taskmaster might bite it, and Red Guardian is 50:50 (David Harbour knows his character’s story and is happy with it. To me, that doesn’t sound like a man whose character dies).”

They wrapped things up by saying, “Yelena is definitely going to survive. I think Walter is probably going to survive, too.”

Another redditor joked that the Marvel movie “should do a Rogue One and kill the lot of them,” while a different commenter said they were “hoping this is the team-up movie, and we’re left at the end with a fully formed Thunderbolts team.”

They added, “We need some main characters in MCU right now, and I’m good if they’re villains.”

One person wrote that they “really hope it’s not Ghost” before noting that they were a fan of the character. The redditor stated, “I loved her in Antman and the Wasp, and Hannah John-Kamen should be a superstar.”

That commentor additionally noted that “Red Guardian has heroic death written all over him” adding that they were “shocked he made it out of Black Widow.”

A separate redditor agreed that the death of Harbour’s character “is almost certain.”

They then added that “Ghost has a high chance” and noted that “Bucky will be the big shocker” should he pass away.

One fan admitted that they had no idea who it was going to be, but wrote that “whoever dies first is definitely a skrull.”

Thunderbolts release date is currently listed as December 20, 2024.

 One fan said that they were “hoping this is the team-up movie” that ends “with a fully formed Thunderbolts team.”  Read More