In Al Ewing’s daring, fourth-wall breaking
Immortal Thor
run, he power of storytelling has become the God of Thunder’s equivalent kryptonite, leaving him vulnerable as his lore is rewritten by the new in-universe owners of Marvel Comics: Roxxon Corporation
Thor is at the mercy of Roxxon, Marvel’s most evil company, who now wield the incredibly potent power of narrative magic over the Asgardian All-Father, as they are able to tarnish his character by rewriting his past and future through Marvel Comics.
With Roxxon proving able to change the world’s perception of Thor, Marvel’s other heroes are at risk of having their histories manipulated as well, setting the stage for a unique storytelling event.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Immortal Thor #9!

A brand-new weakness for Thor and Marvel’s gods has been established by the Enchantress, as comic books are being used for evil purposes. Al Ewing’s Immortal Thor series has emphasized the importance and power of storytelling; the latest issue further explores how it can be used against Thor. A searing indictment of the corporate content machine becomes Thor’s next hurdle to overcome in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Immortal Thor #9 – by Al Ewing, Ibraim Roberson, and Matthew Wilson – focuses on Enchantress’ evil plan with Dario Agger and Skurge. When Thor confronts the villains, Enchantress explains to Thor that the telling of tales is the oldest magic, and the gods and their fates are susceptible to the magical influence of storytelling.

Subsequently, Thor is rendered weaker on Midgard as his lore is rewritten by the Enchantress. This comes after the evil Roxxon Corporation acquired the Marvel Comics in-universe, seeking to dilute the Norse god’s brand in his published comic adventures.


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The Power Of Storytelling Has Become Thor’s Kryptonite

He Is At The Mercy Of Marvel

Thor has had his history retold countless times, and as a result, the line between truth and fiction in his personal history is blurred. Roxxon now wields the power to use Marvel Comics to tarnish Thor’s character, leaving his true self weakened.

The power of narrative has been noted since the first pages of Al Ewing’s Immortal Thor. Issue #9 further proves how stories and tales can be exploited as a weakness against the gods, in a fourth-wall breaking turn. Enchantress and the Minotaur Dario Agger have teamed up to unleash a new Roxxon-sponsored Thor on the Marvel Universe, one who amplifies Thor’s least heroic qualities to new heights. A biting example of corporate greed and the commercialization of superheroes, this new Roxxon-Thor is set to chang public perception of the real Thor, negatively effecting his power and very existence.

In Immortal Thor #9, Enchantress explains that the gods are particularly vulnerable to tale-telling magic; their status as myths and legends ties their stories to their blood and bone. Thor has had his history retold countless times, and as a result, the line between truth and fiction in his personal history is blurred. Roxxon now wields the power to use Marvel Comics to tarnish Thor’s character, leaving his true self weakened. Enchanted to read his comic book full of falsehoods, Thor’s sense of self flounders and his power in Midgard is debilitated.

Marvel Comics’ New Ownership Are Thor’s Greatest Threat

A Subsidiary Of Roxxon Corp

As Thor meets his match against the Enchantress and Roxxon, Loki’s role in this tale-spinning plot remains unclear. Loki was revealed as the Teller of Tales back in Immortal Thor #2. Receiving an updated look, Loki is back to their trickster ways, but seemingly with a purpose. Loki has so far guided Thor through his adventures in the Immortal run, helping him remember his history, though noting that it was being changed in real time. As God of Stories, Loki could vastly help or hinder their brother, now that his true weakness has been revealed.

With Roxxon able to change the world’s perception of Thor and therefore Thor himself, it’s worth questioning if this power can be used on Marvel’s other well-known heroes. As the corporate content machine recontextualizes characters’ history and narrative, the power of this storytelling magic could go beyond affecting gods.With the Enchantress and Dario Agger’s villainous and fourth-wall-shattering plan with Roxxon’s funding, the all-mighty Thor’s new weakness puts his power and existence in the universe at the mercy of the stories being told about him.

Immortal Thor

is available now from Marvel Comics.

Immortal Thor #9 (2024)

Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Ibraim Roberson Colorist: Matthew Wilson Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover Artist: Alex Ross


Associated with the mythical realm of Asgard, Thor is a Marvel Comics hero who channels the power of thunder to slay their foes. Though the name is chiefly tied to Thor Odinson, several other characters also take on the role of God of Thunder, including Odinson’s love interest, Jane Foster. Odin is portrayed as a physically imposing hero with incredible strength and typically wields the dwarven forged hammer, Mjolnir.

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