Marvel’s Wolverine game is shrouded in mystery, with little known about its gameplay and storyline. The choice of villains, such as the character Dr. Rot, could play a significant role in the game’s darker and more mature tone. Dr. Rot’s history of manipulating Wolverine to his own sinister ends could fit right in with Insomniac’s apparent vision for the game.

Marvel’s Wolverine is still a relatively unknown quantity at the moment. Giving fans little more than a short teaser trailer and logo to go off so far, developer Insomniac Games is keeping its cards close to its chest regarding its next collaboration with Marvel. With no fewer than three critically acclaimed Spider-Man games now under its belt, Insomniac seems well-equipped to tackle the project, and fans are anxious to learn more about it sooner rather than later. The game is seemingly taking on a darker, more mature tone than its web-swinging counterparts, and Insomniac’s choice of villains should play a part in this tone manifesting. While there’s a wide range of weird and gruesome baddies to choose from, one would seem to fit Marvel’s Wolverine‘s mature rating more than most others: Dr Rot.

Dr Algernon Rottwell, A.K.A. Doctor Rot, is a relatively new character who was introduced in the Wolverine Weapon X comic series in 2009. The insane doctor, whose real name is Bentley Newton, quickly seizes control of the insane asylum he is held in and turns the other patients into his workers. A skilled and intelligent doctor, Rot can remove his patients’ brains while keeping them alive, using these brains to power robots if need be, and bending helpless patients to his will. His abilities, as well as his gruesome surgeries and penchant for brains, would make him a dangerous adversary for Wolverine, and one who could see the story easily warrant its mature rating.


Marvel’s Wolverine Should Take a Page Out of Alan Wake 2’s Playbook

Marvel’s Wolverine is still a complete mystery to fans, and while it’s well into development, there’s still time to take inspiration from Alan Wake 2.

Over the years, Wolverine has done battle with a plethora of villains across comics and movies. Some of Wolverine’s toughest opponents such as Sabretooth and Deadpool have tested him physically, while others, such as Viper, have put him through his paces psychologically instead. In the comics, Dr. Rot manages to capture Wolverine and brainwash him, in an effort to expose his feral instincts and use him to harvest the brains of others. Wolverine is eventually able to wrestle back control of his mind, but this would undoubtedly make Rot a fascinating choice for an antagonist in the upcoming game.

Whichever villains are eventually used, hopefully, Wolverine will be pushed to his absolute limits both physically and mentally, giving players the chance to step into his shoes like never before. If Insomniac’s Spider-Man games are anything to go by, the developer likes to use multiple villains, and there are plenty of other candidates who could fit the bill if used. From the super-powerful Magneto, who can create magnetic fields and bend metal at will, to Wendigo, a savage beast able to rip people to shreds, Wolverine certainly has no shortage of colorful opponents to go up against.

Whichever villains are eventually used, hopefully, Wolverine will be pushed to his absolute limits both physically and mentally, giving players the chance to step into his shoes like never before.

Much of Marvel’s Wolverine is Still Shrouded in Mystery

Little else is known about Marvel’s Wolverine currently, but it is heavily rumored to be semi-open-world, meaning it could have large, adjoining maps in a similar vein to the modern God of War titles. This should ensure the game is relatively linear, paving the way for a tight, meaningful narrative.

Exactly what that looks like, though, is anyone’s guess right now, and fans can only speculate as to what Wolverine will be up against. With the successful release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 now firmly in the rearview mirror, Insomniac Games can focus its efforts on ensuring that Marvel’s Wolverine receives similar critical acclaim, and getting its choice of villains right could be paramount in achieving this.

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