The new Ultimates have two goals: disrupt power channels left by the Maker’s Council and to prepare humanity for the Maker’s time-sealed bubble in 18 months.
Marvel’s first Ultimate line reshaped the Marvel Universe post-9/11 and laid the blueprint for the MCU.
The new Ultimates will make Earth’s Mightest Heroes relevant again by addressing real-world issues and acting as a resistance network.

Although the Avengers are still considered Marvel’s premiere superhero team, the team has lost some of their luster over the past few years, but a forthcoming revamp changes all of that. The original Ultimates was a modern riff on the Avengers and was very much a product of its time. Now, a new Ultimates book is on the horizon, and it promises to make the Avengers relevant again.

The new Ultimates seek to not only disrupt the power channels but also prepare humanity for whatever will burst out of the Maker’s time-sealed bubble in 18 months.

Speaking with Comicbook.com, Ultimates writer Deniz Camp offered insight into what fans can expect from the title. Drawn by Juan Frigeri, the new Ultimates book repurposes the Avengers as a “resistance network” against the Maker’s Council. This Council was left to rule Earth after the Maker’s imprisonment.

The new Ultimates seek to not only disrupt the power channels but also prepare humanity for whatever will burst out of the Maker’s time-sealed bubble in 18 months.

Comicbook.com also shared advanced art, including preliminary sketches for the new Wasp and Ant-Man.

Marvel’s First Ultimate Line Refined the Concept of the “World Outside Your Window.”

The First Ultimate Line Was Heavily Affected by 9/11

In the early 2000s, Marvel released the Ultimate line. A “from the ground up” reinvention of the Marvel Universe, the Ultimate line featured modern takes on beloved icons. After launching both Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men, the publisher released The Ultimates. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Bryan Hitch, the book was infused with post 9/11 malaise. In the Ultimate Universe, the team takes on terrorists. The action was epic, and helped popularize the “wide-screen” storytelling that would be an industry hallmark. The Ultimates, as well as the entire Ultimate line, also became the blueprint for the MCU.


Even Marvel Regrets The Avengers’ Most Controversial Story

Marvel apologized for the Avengers’ most controversial storyline, as even the editor-in-chief called out the “heinous” comic.

Yet times have changed since the founding of the first Ultimate Marvel line, a fact that every creator involved, including Camp, has acknowledged. In the interview, Camp said the new Ultimates book would be not only in conversation with the first Ultimates title, but also the world around it. Whereas fans in 2001-2002 were worried about terrorism and the erosion of civil liberties, people today are concerned about issues of income inequality and social justice. The Maker’s Council becomes a stand-in for the oligarchs running our world, and the Ultimates will save us from them.

The New Ultimates Will Make Earth’s Mightest Heroes Relevant Again

This New Team of Avengers Is Completely Different Than Any Other

Although the Avengers ruled in the 2010s, the 2020s have seen them lose relevance. The Avengers do not address real world issues like the Ultimates did, and it can be argued that the Avengers have had little connection to Earth 616 lately. Their adventures have been high concept cosmic stories. The Avengers have lost touch with those they have sworn to protect. However, Deniz Camp and Juan Frigeri will change all of that with the new Ultimates. This new team of Avengers will make the franchise relevant again, as they become a resistance network against the powers that be.

The Ultimates #1 is on sale June 5 from Marvel Comics.

Source: Comicbook

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