Nick Fury’s character suffered in the MCU’s 2023, with his storylines falling flat and leaving fans with more questions than answers. His involvement in Secret Invasion did more harm than good, failing to deliver on the promised character development and instead creating confusion. While Fury’s future in the Multiverse Saga is uncertain, it may be better to focus on other storylines due to the damage already done to his legacy.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was filled with some record-breaking lows in 2023, but the year was especially brutal for one character in particular. Nick Fury has been a pillar of the MCU since his introduction back in Phase 1. He has consistently appeared in supporting roles in plenty of MCU projects over the past decade and has built up an icon status for himself. Fury had one of his biggest MCU years yet in 2023, but it unfortunately wasn’t for the better.

Throughout the Infinity Saga, Fury was seen as the creator of the Avengers and the connective tissue of the MCU in a way. Many heroes confided in him and trusted Fury to help them out in tough situations. Fury’s many supporting roles aided the MCU’s sense of continuity and cohesiveness, and he boasts quite an impressive MCU timeline. However, Fury’s two big projects of 2023 were some of the MCU’s most divisive, and the character has since lost his way in the franchise. Someone who should be considered an iconic MCU character now has his legacy tainted.


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The MCU’s 2023 Left Nick Fury With Plenty Of Plot Holes

2023 gave Nick Fury his first solo project in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion, then he had a supporting role in The Marvels later in the year. Both projects were regarded as some of the MCU’s biggest flops, either critically or commercially, and Fury unfortunately had a part in both. While it was no fault of Samuel L. Jackson’s actual performance, the Fury MCU storylines in 2023 simply left fans with more questions about the character than answers. Fury’s 2023 storylines often fell flat or even felt out of character for him.

His biggest 2023 arc dealt with the consequences of the Super Skrull Serum, but it didn’t feel right that Fury would coordinate a project like this and betray the trust of those he respected. There also wasn’t much explanation of why Fury changed after the Blip besides the fact that he lost faith in the world, and he showed up in The Marvels without his wife, who he left Earth with at the end of Secret Invasion. Fury currently has plenty of MCU plot holes that may never get resolved in the way they should be addressed.

Secret Invasion Did More Harm Than Good To Fury

Before Secret Invasion, Fury’s MCU appearances have been in supporting roles. His catalog has ranged from brief cameos like his Iron Man role to a bigger player like his role in Captain Marvel, and they have all contributed to the betterment of the project. So much about Fury had been revealed in his numerous supporting roles, but there hadn’t been any project truly dedicated to fleshing him out as a character. When Secret Invasion was first announced, excitment at the prospect of getting to know Fury on a more personal level was high.


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However, Secret Invasion didn’t quite deliver the Fury character development that it initially promised. The series was expected to be some sort of introspective moment for Fury, but it lost its focus along the way. The information learned about Fury, such as his involvement in the Super Skrull Serum creation, are all points that do more harm than good to the character. While it’s perfectly fine, even encouraged, for a character to be flawed, Fury’s flaws that are exposed in Secret Invasion don’t add anything to the character. It instead has created more confusion.

Does Nick Fury Have A Place In The Multiverse Saga?

It’s assumed that Fury stayed on Earth after bringing the SABER personnel to safety at the end of The Marvels. His future is vague, and he isn’t confirmed to appear in any future Multiverse Saga projects. Fury has plenty of storylines to wrap up, such as the consequences of collecting Avenger DNA or the fate of SABER. However, it might be better for the Multiverse Saga to avert the focus from Fury’s stories if they can’t be executed properly. It’s not a satisfactory conclusion for the character, but too much damage has already been done to his legacy.

Nick Fury is undoubtedly a pillar of the MCU and one of the franchise’s most iconic characters. Considering that he has been making consistent appearances since Phase 1, he is often a comforting presence to see on screen during the newer phases. However, Fury’s character took a huge hit from the MCU’s divisive 2023. Despite Jackson’s ever-committed portrayal of Fury, the storylines the character was given just fell flat. The past year was brutal for the MCU as a whole, but Fury, in particular, suffered a lot from having his legacy stained.

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