The following contains spoilers for The Marvels, now playing in theaters.

The Marvels producer Mary Livanos revealed how Valkyrie’s cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film came to be.

While giving an interview to Entertainment Weekly, Livanos was asked why she wanted to pair Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel with Valkyrie on screen. “Pairing Carol with Valkyrie and having them share the big screen was another bucket list item,” she replied. “Fans really shipped them and their friendship, and as a huge nerd myself, I was dying to see that relationship on the big screen. [The Marvels director] Nia DaCosta is quite close with [Valkyrie actor] Tessa Thompson, so we had to write in a cameo.”

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Livanos concluded by calling Valkyrie an empathetic character, adding, “When we were trying to figure out exactly how to help the Skrulls after the events that take place on Tarnax, we were excited at the idea that Valkyrie could help in this novel way.”

In addition to the part played by Valkyrie in it, Livanos also touched upon Nick Fury’s role in The Marvels, stating that Fury being paired up with Captain Marvel “brings out a lightness to him that we really only got to experience in that first Captain Marvel movie.” Livanos went on to further note that Fury and Carol’s relationship was what “[brought] out a lot of fun” in both characters.

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Tying into this, Secret Invasion director Ali Selim shared his belief that fans would see a different version of Fury in The Marvels, avowing that he thought it was important for Fury to “come to that point where he understands where he is in the world now and what he needs to be to continue to be the new Nick Fury.”

On the topic of The Marvels itself, DaCosta herself explained why Captain Marvel teaming up with Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau was important. “The first movie was so beautiful because you see this family that she’s lost, and now in this movie, you kind of see how she’s isolated herself from family,” continued DaCosta. “But family is so important to help any of us get anything done and feel supported and [like we] can take on the world. I really wanted to be able to see that, and who she was, in this film.”

Moving on to a hypothetical Captain Marvel 3, DaCosta said that her pitches for it to Marvel Studios President and CCO Kevin Feige have been met with mixed reactions. That said, as of now, no official word has been given about Captain Marvel 3 happening.

The Marvels is now playing in theaters.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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