Iman Vellani’s experience on The Marvels working with Samuel L. Jackson showcases the interesting dynamic between emerging stars and veteran actors behind the scenes in superhero movies. Vellani was excited to work with Jackson, hoping to hear his famous expletives on set, but was surprised to find that he maintained clean language, much to her amusement. Vellani’s interactions with Jackson highlighted his supportive and generous nature, with him encouraging her during a scene and making her feel immediately comfortable and accepted on set.

Iman Vellani‘s experience on The Marvels, where she played Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and worked alongside the venerable Samuel L. Jackson, illustrates the intriguing interplay between emerging stars and veteran actors that often unfolds behind the scenes in superhero cinema. Vellani recently opened up about her experiences working with Jackson, revealing both her admiration for the actor and a humorous disappointment.

Vellani, while on Seth Meyers’ late-night show, talked about how thrilled she was to start working with Jackson, famed for his memorable roles and unique presence in films. However, Vellani’s anticipation had a unique twist: she was particularly keen on hearing Jackson’s famous use of expletives. Jackson, whose on-screen persona often includes a liberal sprinkling of colorful language, took a different approach on the set of The Marvels. Despite Vellani’s hopes, he maintained a surprisingly clean language, much to her bemusement.

Vellani’s recount of her interactions with Jackson paints a picture of a generous and supportive colleague. She recalled a specific instance where Jackson encouraged her to be more forceful during a scene where she had to elbow him. In her mind, she imagined Jackson swearing as he urged her to put more effort into the action, a reflection of his famous on-screen persona. However, in reality, Jackson’s guidance was free of any expletives, a contrast to the image many have of him due to his film roles.

“I was trying to get him to swear at me for so long. Nothing but hugs.”

Beyond the humorous anecdotes, Vellani expressed deep respect and admiration for Jackson. In an interview with CBR, she recounted her initial nervousness upon meeting him. This anxiety quickly dissipated when Jackson welcomed her with a warm embrace, making her feel immediately comfortable and accepted on set. Vellani described this encounter as one of the most memorable moments, highlighting Jackson’s kindness and approachability. Vellani shared:

“I was very impressed. He’s also just a wonderful human being. I was very scared and intimidated by him at the beginning, but the first time I met him, I literally hid behind our director instinctively. I didn’t know where to be and how to be. He comes around and gives me the biggest bear hug –top five hugs I’ve ever received in my entire life — and immediately, I felt welcomed and at home in his arms. It was great!”

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The Marvels, directed by Nia DaCosta and co-written by Megan McDonnell and Elissa Karasik, features a stellar cast including Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris. The film explores the adventures of Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau, with a unique twist where the characters swap places whenever they use their powers. Returning as Nick Fury, Jackson’s extensive acting experience was a valuable addition to the ensemble.

This blend of seasoned actors and new talent is a hallmark of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, offering a platform for emerging stars like Vellani to shine alongside established figures like Jackson. Vellani’s experience on the set of The Marvels reflects not just her personal growth as an actress but also underscores the supportive and collaborative environment that often exists behind the scenes of such major productions.

With The Marvels hitting the big screen, viewers will enjoy not just the visual feast but also the dynamic combination of diverse talents and personalities vital to the storytelling. Vellani’s journey, marked by both awe and amusement in the presence of a film icon like Jackson, adds another layer to the tapestry of stories surrounding the making of these beloved films. Her candid sharing of these moments offers a glimpse into the human connections and light-hearted moments that occur away from the camera, contributing to the magic of movie-making.

The Marvels are currently showing in theaters.

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