The Marvels includes funny and emotionally deep dialogue that rivals the best MCU movies, with memorable scenes, characters, and quotes that range from funny to emotional. Unexpected characters and surprise appearances deliver some of the best quotes in The Marvels, adding to the cosmic adventure that follows Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan’s fangirl obsession with Captain Marvel is highlighted in a funny moment when her parents casually mention that Captain Marvel was in their house, while Kamala tries to maintain her composure.

The Marvels holds some pretty funny and emotionally deep lines that hold up to some of the other best MCU movies. Audiences can have a lot of fun in The Marvels if they are willing, and this MCU cinematic venture will hold some memorable scenes, characters, and quotes that can range from funny to emotional, as long as they enjoy adorable Flerken kittens and Nick Fury’s constant sass.

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Some of the best quotes in The Marvels come from unexpected characters, and surprise appearances that perhaps nobody could have predicted from this cosmic adventure that follows Monica Rambeau, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel, alongside friends and foes of new and old.

Spoilers for The Marvels ahead

6 No More Touching ****, Especially Glowing, Weird, Mysterious ****.

Nick Fury

In a conversation with Captain Marvel, Nick Fury expertly describes the current situation of swapping positions with Monica and Ms. Marvel as a weird one. Their conversation proves just how fun their chemistry is, and how enjoyable it is to watch Nick Fury and Captain Marvel interact since they have been friends for a few decades now.

What highlights the quote in particular is Nick Fury’s use of colorful language. Whilst he is serious most times, he often gets tired with the weird and curious nature of heroes that touch things that they should maybe investigate more before they get their hands on “glowing, weird, mysterious”… stuff.

5 You Can Stand Tall Without Standing Alone


Words of inspiration coming straight from a King, it’s great to see Valkyrie again in the MCU, and even greater to hear her words of wisdom to characters that need it. Valkyrie makes a cameo to help some Skrull refugees find a home in New Asgard, and she takes the time to give some comforting words to those who struggle with getting help.

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Valkyrie teaches a lesson that most could learn, that it’s okay to accept help, and someone is just as strong for reaching out and standing alongside others as they would be without them. Perhaps she learned this lesson from her time with Thor, or even in her own self-reflection after her Valkyrie squad was killed by Hela.

4 Captain Marvel Was In Our House?

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan doesn’t hide the fact that she is a massive fangirl of Captain Marvel. Her superhero identity is named after her, and her room is even designed around her. Kamala is a superfan, and many can probably relate to this obsessive behavior, which is what makes it so funny when Kamala’s parents talk about her Captain Marvel was in their home, and they seem completely unbothered by it.

Meanwhile, Kamala is trying not to freak out, with a squeal and a giant grin on her face as she tries to stay calm and just breathe, knowing that Captain Marvel has been in her house, and even broke something in her room when she arrived. It’s a cute moment.

3 There Was People That Needed Me

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers sacrifices her identity as someone normal because she knows she harbors the great power that the galaxy needs. Audiences can’t help but to feel sorry for Captain Marvel, who has sacrificed friendships, relationships, and normal experiences just to help people. This is thrown in her face by Monica, who pleads that she just wanted to see her aunt, only for Carol to say “There was people that needed me.

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It’s relatable, and a common superhero struggle to leave those that they love behind for those that don’t even know them. It harks back to the classic phrase that haunts Spider-Man: With great power, comes great responsibility, and that’s something Carol follows like gospel.

2 Confusion Is The First Step To Knowledge

The Beast

Hank McCoy’s appearance in The Marvels is a welcome surprise, and he arrives in the mid-credits scene. The fuzzy and blue Beast comments to their strange visitor, Monica, that “Confusion is the first step to knowledge.” Trust Beast to have a hopeful and philosophical path to an answer yet to be solved, whereas most would grow frustrated and annoyed.

Not only is it a great line, but it’s a memorable scene, as this is the first time a Mutant, and a member of the X-Men, has appeared in the MCU. Hopefully, this is not the last time MCU fans get to see Beast, especially if he will have more smart dialogue.

1 Stop Running And Let The Kittens Eat You. You Will Be Fine

S.A.B.E.R. Intercom

When the Flerkens hatch, all hell breaks loose, and the members of S.A.B.E.R. frantically run around in desperation to not be eaten by the adorable cat-like creatures with a hunger for flesh. However, there’s a catch, as the Flerkens are not digesting them, but simply storing them, like the Flerkens exist to be fuzzy, purring handbags. Due to this, the team decides that letting the Flerkens eat the humans is a good idea so they can safely get them off the S.A.B.E.R.

On repeat, a calm audio message plays over the intercom: “Stop running and let the kittens eat you. You will be fine.” It’s silly to watch, and pretty funny, as a horde of adorable kittens unleash tentacles from their mouths to bring in their victims and eat them in this MCU sequel.

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