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Preview pages for Amazing Spider-Man #35 feature the showdown fans never expected: Spidey and his ex, Mary Jane Watson.

While fans are getting ready for Insomniac’s take on Kraven the Hunter, the Marvel Comics have been going down a darker path. In the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Spidey has been infected with the sins of Norman Osborn, turning him into a sinister Goblin version of himself.

This darker Spider-Man is on the verge of crossing a line he can’t come back from. Returning to his intimidating black suit, he’s already buried Kraven the Hunter alive and brutalized Norman Osborn.

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Now Spidey has his eyes set on Paul, who he blames for driving a wedge between himself and Mary Jane. To stop this murderous new Spider-Man, an unlikely superhero is stepping up.

In preview pages shared by Marvel Comics, Mary Jane is facing down Spider-Man using her new Jackpot powers. The threat of a fight with his ex doesn’t even seem to phase Peter, who still accuses MJ of abandoning him for Paul.

Marvel ComicsMary Jane is using her new Jackpot powers against Spidey, but will she be able to stop him?

Introduced at the start of this run, Paul is the son of Rabin, a mad scientist from another dimension who sought to sacrifice Mary Jane so he could survive on this plane. Mary Jane was separated from Spider-Man in another dimension, during which time a week passed for him, but seven years passed for her.

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In the other dimension, Paul and MJ met and found themselves caring for two children. Though they formed a relationship, the children were figments created by Rabin as part of his grand scheme.

After Rabin was foiled thanks to Ms. Marvel’s sacrifice, Paul and MJ stayed together. Peter’s been having a tough time with it, though, as the whole thing winds up feeling sudden for him. Those feelings are shining through now that he’s been freed of inhibitions thanks to Osborn’s sins flowing through him.

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Whatever is about to happen, the issue promises to be huge, with Marvel’s solicit simply saying, “This sets up the next 24 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Do. Not. Miss. This.”

Amazing Spider-Man #35 hits stands on October 11. For more Spider-Man and comic book news, be sure to follow all our coverage.

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