Published January 8, 2024

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From Kingpin’s pawn to one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos! Once the host of the Phoenix Force, Maya Lopez, AKA Echo, is a Deaf Cheyenne-Latin American warrior with photographic reflex abilities. Able to mimic the fighting skills of her combatants, Lopez is a versatile vigilante and now a bona fide super hero. And that’s all represented in her extraordinary comic book history!

Streaming exclusively on Disney+ on January 10, the origin story of Marvel Studios’ Echo revisits Maya Lopez, whose ruthless behavior in New York City catches up with her in her hometown. She must face her past, reconnect with her Native American roots and embrace the meaning of family and community if she ever hopes to move forward.

Ahead of the series’ release date, digital comics super-service Marvel Unlimited has dropped a slate of must-read Echo comic stories that you can now read for free! Learn more about each of our must-reads below, then dive in today on Marvel Unlimited.


Something stirs beneath Hell’s Kitchen! For months, the bloodthirsty and demonic Demogoblin has been kidnapping children for reasons unknown. In this series, Daredevil, AKA Matt Murdock, and Echo discover why—as Demogoblin works to wake an ancient and powerful evil deep within the bowels of the city. Reunited at last with Echo, herself fresh from a brief time as the host of the Phoenix Force, it falls to Daredevil and Echo to stop Demogoblin and save not only the children, but everyone in New York!

Preview page from DAREDEVIL & ECHO (2023) #1.


Marvel’s Voices expands to Marvel’s Infinity Comics! In the wake of surrendering the Phoenix Force, Echo is called home to the reservation to help her friend and former love interest, River. But what started off as a simple rescue turns into a mind-bending journey that may claim them both! A surreal landscape traps Echo who is left to battle trees that become massive murderous birds of prey. How will she find River in this hellish world and free them both?

Preview panels from MARVEL’S VOICES: ECHO INFINITY COMIC (2022) #64.


Daredevil played an important role in Echo’s first Marvel Comics appearance, and Matt Murdock and Maya Lopez have since been partners in vigilantism. In his recap origin comic, learn about the key moments and adventures in the life of Daredevil, AKA the swashbuckling, death-defying Man Without Fear! How have Daredevil’s various conflicts with the Kingpin impacted Echo too?

Preview panels from WHO IS…? DAREDEVIL INFINITY COMIC (2022) #1.


From the streets of New York City to its loftiest penthouses, Wilson Fisk has made a name for himself in the criminal underworld and legitimate society. Discover the history, and the many facets, of the towering figure better known as the Kingpin!

Preview panels from WHO IS…? KINGPIN INFINITY COMIC (2024) #1.

All five episodes of Echo will stream on Disney+ and Hulu on January 10, 2024.

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