Jeremy Allen White had a negative attitude during a Marvel audition, questioning why he should do the movie, which didn’t go well. The oversaturation of Marvel films and lack of consistency in Phase 5 has led many to write off the genre as dime a dozen. While Marvel still has interesting projects in the pipeline, such as Daredevil: Born Again and Echo, it remains uncertain if Jeremy Allen White is interested in participating.

Before starring in FX’s The Bear, Jeremy Allen White had decades of experience on television. However, he was unimpressed when brought up for a superhero audition.

Many superhero franchises — particularly Marvel — have flooded the market with comic book films. When the trend started in the early aughts, it would be years between feature films. Now, there is seemingly no escaping it, which has prompted many people in Hollywood to make their sentiments on the genre clear, such as Martin Scorsese. Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo fired back against the director only to get slammed by cinema lovers.

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White’s perspective on the subject is perhaps not as incendiary as the drama on social media, but he did make his opinion known when he told GQ about a failed audition. “I had a meeting for a kind of Marvel-y movie, and I had an attitude. I think I played it all wrong,” White admitted. He laid out the scene, explaining that he said at the time, “‘Tell me about why should I do your movie.’ They were like, ‘F*** you.’ And I was like, ‘Right on.’” White also questioned how it seems to be a foregone conclusion that rising actors will star in a superhero movie, saying, “I am confused at how the pinnacle of an actor’s career has ended up in that place.”

White did not specifically vocalize complaints about superhero movies generally, but his meeting still spoke a thousand words. By asking superhero executives to pitch him their movie, it made a clear statement that he didn’t hold the project in high regard. This isn’t exactly surprising, considering White’s body of work. After starring in a character-driven drama in Shameless, he is now part of one of the most highly regarded new series. The Bear takes the high stakes of kitchen work and spins a harrowing tale of grief, guilt, and addiction. Starring in a Marvel or DC movie may not have been on his bucket list.

Marvel feels like a dime a dozen at this point, and it’s all because of the oversaturation of the brand. With so many Marvel movies and television series, keeping up with the franchise is almost impossible. Phase 5 has become a hodgepodge of content that lacks the consistency of earlier phases. And with the critical flops of Thor: Love and Thunder and Secret Invasion, it is easy to write off the genre.

That isn’t to say interesting things aren’t coming down the pipeline. The news surrounding the soft reboot Daredevil: Born Again has been dramatic, but it may be for the best. Firing the entire writing staff could mean that Marvel Studios could have more character-driven content. The same goes for Marvel Spotlight’s series, Echo,which some believe could be the MCU’s Andor. Advertised as a gritty and violent drama, this could be a new era for Marvel. No word yet if White has any interest in participating.

The Bear seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Hulu.

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Source: GQ

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