Marvel announced its new crossover, Aliens vs. Avengers, debuting this summer. The series comes from esteemed writer Jonathan Hickman and longtime Marvel artist Esad Ribić.

A Marvel press release revealed that the series will be set in a gritty future with older and darker versions of the publisher’s classic characters. The story will also introduce new elements of the Alien franchise, exploring uncharted territory. Hickman himself shared more information with Entertainment Weekly. “Probably one of the coolest things about the project is how we’ve found really fun ways to ‘Avengerize’ Aliens and ‘alien-up’ Avengers,” said the author. Hickman also believes that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the series, stating, “I think fans will be surprised at how elegantly some of those things fit together. It really turned out to be a chocolate-and-peanut-butter situation.”


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Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Art and Cover by ESAD RIBIĆ

One of Marvel’s editors, Sarah Brunstad, expressed her excitement for the first issue’s release and praised the creators. “Hickman and Ribić are storytelling masters, and they bring a cinematic quality to this that seamlessly merges the high action and soap opera that Marvel fans expect with the deep terror and cosmic awe that the Alien universe so inspires,” said Brunstad. She continued, “Watching them cut loose across the entire lexicon of these two great franchises is jaw-dropping. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN IN THIS BOOK–get ready.”

Marvel’s description of the series reads, “The four-part epic is set in a new timeline many years in the future and features older, grittier versions of Marvel characters. It also will be the first-time readers will see certain parts of Alien lore in the Marvel Universe – like the home of the Engineers. In this unmissable series, Xenomorphs reach Earth, and the perfect organism meets a planet of superhumans. But who will be first to fall?” The publisher added, “Hickman’s masterful storytelling combined with Ribić’s breathtaking artwork will deliver an unforgettable reading experience for fans when it hits stands on July 24, just ahead of the premiere of 20th Century Studios’ highly anticipated Alien: Romulus film.”


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Aliens vs. Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić will be available for purchase on July 24, 2024. It will be the first installment of a four-part miniseries under Marvel’s 20th Century Studios imprint. Marvel will reveal more information about the debut issue and series as a whole in the coming months.

Source: Marvel and Entertainment Weekly

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