Although the fatigue is real, superhero films, and the comics they’re based on, have always been huge pop culture influences. The rise of the MCU’s and the DCU’s attempts to emulate it has taken the genre to staggering heights. Between the epic and intertwining storylines, big-budget spectacles, and the stunning cinematic highlights, there have been many goosebump-inducing moments from these movies over the years.

Hardcore superhero fans, the kind who used to collect comic books and trading cards as kids, usually make the best audiences. If you’ve ever experienced what that’s like, you’ll know it’s them from those first showings filled with audiences whose passion for the characters cause riotous atmospheres in the theater and make them sound more like sports stadiums.

That’s because they appreciate the full gravity of what certain scenes mean against the rich history and tapestry of characters who have existed for decades and come to mean the world to so many people. Viral moments from superhero movies are usually those scenes that mean the most to fans, and inevitably spark online debates, that gave rise to new hashtags. In honor of those memorable scenes, and the massive fan reactions they caused in theaters and across social media, here’s a list of the best reactions to viral moments in superhero movies.

1 The Flash — Multiverse Scene

​​​​​​2023 represented a major year for the DCU that never panned out the way it was meant to. With major changes, and plans to reboot the entire franchise, The Flash was expected to be a huge hit.

Since it contained a plot where Flash accesses the speed force and uses it to try and undo his mother’s death, he inadvertently also causes massive tears in space-time that lead to a mess in the continuum. There was a ton of potential because of this, since the film could then feature a huge lineup of superhero cameos. However, the movie was still a massive box office disappointment that many blamed on the main star’s off-screen troubles.

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The Viral Moment

In the standout scene from the film, there’s a moment where the younger Flash’s repeated efforts to undo things tears open the multiverse. We get a sweeping shot of cameo versions of characters, most notably among them, different iterations of Superman. While many fans and audiences loved this scene for that reason, this one unfortunately also attracted a lot of negative reactions.

Among its many criticisms, some viewers were angered by the decision to include a shot of a CGI version of Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Unfortunately, the scene went viral for all the wrong reasons. Meant as an homage, since many people still feel Reeve was the greatest Superman ever, it all felt terribly inappropriate since he passed away a long time ago. Stream The Flash on Max.

2 Black Adam — Credits Scene

Black Adam Review: Dwayne Johnson’s Anti-Hero Unleashed

Back when Dwayne Johnson finally got to appear as Teth-Adam in DC’s Black Adam, the character seemed to have a bright future. The film itself was entertaining and full of flashy action sequences, as it told the story of a man given the power of Gods, before being imprisoned for 5000 years.

The Viral Scene

This one came at the end of the film during the post-credit scene. After a great buildup, a flash of another flying person arrives and, as the smoke clears, we see that it’s actually Superman. The moment was amazing, causing audiences everywhere to burst out in applause and cheers since, at the time, it seemed to indicate that Henry Cavill would be continuing on as the character — we now know those plans have changed drastically. In the ensuing shake up, fans were not happy about the decisions made, as this fan tweet below aptly captured:

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3 Logan — Wolverine’s Last Berserker Mode

Logan closed the chapter on Hugh Jackman’s time as the iconic character Wolverine, or at least, it was meant to, until Ryan Reynolds managed to get him back for another go in the upcoming Deadpool 3. It became an acclaimed film and provided a tragic plot based on the famous Old Man Logan comic book series.

It sees Logan as a shadow of his former self, in a future where most mutants have been killed. He is also slowly being poisoned by his own adamantium skeleton. He reluctantly winds up protecting a young mutant known as X-23, who he learns is actually his daughter.

The Viral Scene

​​​​​Wolverine’s ‘berserker’ moments from the comics are legendary. Throughout his time in the X-Men movies, it was never possible to truly capture how feral he could get, since those films were mostly watered down to retain PG-13 ratings. Logan was gloriously different, since it was R-Rated and held nothing back when it came to Wolverine’s savagery.

During one of the closing scenes, for a few moments, he has the strength and speed of his younger self, and it made for an amazing scene as he unleashed his berserker rage. Needless to say, fans of the famous mutant loved this moment, which is why it usually tops most lists of the best Wolverine moments in film. Stream Logan on Disney+.

4 Spider-Man: No Way Home — Spider-Man #3 Saves MJ

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic heroes of all time, and Marvel’s flagship character. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, his fans were given an amazing treat, since the film pulled the multiverse into the equation when Dr. Strange performs a memory spell that goes wrong. Creating fissures in the fabric of existence, the event pulls in people from other universes.

The Viral Scene

After the novelty of Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man showing up is over, they team up with the MCU’s Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Designating themselves Peter #1 (Holland), Peter #2 (Maguire), and Peter #3 (Garfield), they take on their enemies in the film together.

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The fighting leads to a frightening moment when MJ falls from the Statue of Liberty. Luckily, Spider-Man #3 (Garfield) jumps after her and manages to save her. The moment was loaded with bittersweet feelings that made audiences everywhere whoop, cheer, swoon and sigh for the deeper symbolism, since ​​​​Spidey 3 hadn’t managed to save Gwen Stacy in his universe.

​​​​​​That scene ended up sparking a social media frenzy, with audiences being touched by it in different ways. One person found a way to visualize what the scene meant to all of us and turned it into an amazing piece of fan art that perfectly captures the full poignancy of the scene:

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5 Batman v Superman — Clash of the Titans

DC has so far struggled to come close to emulating Marvel’s success with the MCU. While the struggles, failures, and disappointments of the DCU so far are well known, they can still lay claim to arguably having the two most iconic superheroes ever created (cue rage from Marvel fans).

Those two characters are, of course, Batman and Superman. And when they finally met on screen for the first time ever in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was naturally a hugely anticipated moment. While the film encompassed a complicated plot, the star attraction of it was naturally the huge fight between the legendary Heroes.

The Viral Scene


Batman fans everywhere knew that he was capable of figuring out a way of beating anyone. That moment came when Superman threw a punch and Batman blocked it. The look of incredulity on his face echoed how everyone reacted in theaters, and audiences instantly knew the real fight was on. In fact, it was one of the standout moments of the entire marketing campaign for the film, with the final trailer sparking a viral reaction and memes galore like the ones below.

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6 Spider-Man: No Way Home — The Other Spider-Mans

Sony Pictures Releasing 

We’ve touched on the novelty that No Way Home added to the MCU by opening up the Multiverse. However, not only did it open up practically limitless potential for creative story lines for future movies, it also provided the perfect opportunity to bring back old favorites.

The Viral Scene

The show-stopping scene was undoubtedly the one in which Andrew Garfield’s and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man show up. Since both were extremely popular, each with their own cult followings and fans, it sent many theaters into a frenzy when it happened. That excitement has since grown, and opened up the possibility of each of those Spider-Men continuing their respective films. Stream Spider-Man: No Way Home on Disney+.

7 ​​​​​​Avengers: Endgame — Avengers Assemble


For comic book fans, Avengers: Endgame was one of those movies that felt more like a special occasion than a mere film. With many amazing moments, it saw the remaining Avengers utilize time travel to bring the thsoe lost in the snap back and give themselves another chance to avert disaster.

The Viral Moment

The Avenger’s iconic catchphrase never made it into the first three films. However, Endgame proved that it was held back deliberately and when the moment came, it began with portals opening, and made for an unforgettable moment that culminated in an epic battle scene. It meant the world to fans everywhere, with many audiences witnessing a thunderous reception for it. If you want to fully grasp just what an impactful cinematic moment it made, consider the fact that the scene has its own Wikipedia page. Stream Avengers: Endgame on Disney+.

8 Joker — The Bloody Smile

Todd Phillips’ Joker was a cinematic masterpiece that provided a haunting and unique backstory for the infamous character. As a man named Arthur Fleck, audiences learned the Joker was once just a tragic aspiring comic who struggled with mental illness and felt alienated, marginalized, and abused by society. With a sensational performance from Joaquin Phoenix anchoring the film, it was an amazing movie that rightly garnered tons of acclaim.


The Viral Scene

While the legendary clown themes and makeup the Joker is known for were featured from the beginning, it all felt a little tame given that we never saw his iconic rictus. When it came, the execution was chilling and brilliant.

After becoming a symbol, the Joker stands on a police car with a mouth full of blood and watches Gotham burn from the chaos he inspired. Feeling the blood for the first time, he uses his fingers to smear it on his face and into the shape of the iconic Joker smile. A unforgettable moment, it sent many audiences into rapture when it finally happened, with the film’s ending thereafter sparking endless debates and fan theories. Stream Joker on Max.

9 Man of Steel — Superman’s First Flight

​​​​​​The O.G. of superheroes, they don’t make ’em more iconic or beloved than Superman. With a long and illustrious history in comics and film, Man of Steel was a reboot that heralded the first time Henry Cavill donned the famous red cape. For many, he epitomized the character perfectly, and the film was a great way for a new generation to watch the hero become who he is, and learning how to find his place in the world while saving it from General Zod.

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The Viral Scene

As Superman tests the limits of his powers, there’s almost an air of immense anticipation. As a moment that symbolized so much of the character’s development, when he pushes himself more and more, fans knew that an iconic moment was about to happen.

With some wonderful cinematography leading up to it, the build up is electrifying, and when Clark, played perfectly by Cavill, takes his first flight as Superman, it was a moment that underscored the fact that the legendary character was reborn again for a new generation of audiences. Stream Man of Steel on Max or Netflix.

10 Avengers: Endgame — Captain America Wields Mjölnir

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The MCU has already given us tons of unbelievable scenes and talking points that fans never tire of debating. By Endgame, the final battle with Thanos and his army set the scene for some unforgettable moments that meant the world to fans everywhere. In places like India, theaters were known to erupt into bouts of euphoria during poignant scenes.

The Viral Scene

It came at a moment when Thanos had everyone on the ropes again. Just when it seems like Thor is about to be killed by Thanos, the view cuts to Mjölnir rising. When Mjölnir is then hurled at Thanos while he still has Thor at his mercy, there’s a palpable excitement since someone else was clearly wielding it.

That someone was, of course, Captain America, and the scene blew the roof of many theaters as fans were overcome with joy. A truly amazing sequence, the moment captured everything fans of superheroes loved. It was a scene that induced such unbridled, childlike excitement that it reminded us all that, fatigue or not, there’s a reason why superheroes have always been such a beloved part of pop culture.

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