Even though Thanos died in Avengers: Endgame, some fans are wondering whether he will return to the MCU or if he will stay dead forever. Here is what we know.

Thanos’ return to the MCU in the main timeline has not yet been officially confirmed or set in stone as of writing.

However, due to his immense popularity among Marvel fans, the character could eventually still return whether it be a future MCU movie or maybe even a spin-off focusing on him.

One movie that Thanos could have a large chance of returning in would be Eternals 2, if it is made, seeing as how Thanos already has an established connection to the team via his brother Eros, aka Starfox. Perhaps Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan could make a return in that film via a cameo or flashback if the film decides to explore Eros’ backstory.

However, the most obvious film where the Mad Titan could make a comeback would be Avengers: Secret Wars as that film is heavily rumored to feature virtually all Marvel characters (whether it be heroes or villains) that have appeared in projects both set in and outside the MCU.

Thanos has however returned to the MCU but in alternate timelines and stories. The character has made a return as alternate versions of himself in several episodes of Marvel’s What If…?

Thanos is dead in the main MCU timeline as he has been erased from existence.

However, the introduction of the multiverse has removed the permanence of death and the MCU can now more easily bring back characters who have died. As such, Thanos can always make a comeback this way.

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 Fans are curious if Thanos will return to the MCU or if he’s gone for good. Here’s everything we know so far.  Read More