Marvel Studios is looking to bring X-Men into the MCU, and fan art imagines Taylor Swift as Dazzler, a role that fans have long anticipated. Taylor Swift’s resemblance to the Marvel mutant and her popularity as a global sensation make her a perfect fit for the role of Dazzler. Having Dazzler in the MCU would introduce a different type of celebrity and the possibility of Swift reprising the role in future X-Men films.

New Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art imagines Taylor Swift as Dazzler in the upcoming X-Men movie reboot that is in the works. After the big era of the original X-Men movies, the mutants are getting closer to finally showing up in the MCU as the mutants will be a centerpiece of the franchise going forward. Last month, a new report emerged that Marvel Studios is looking to start meeting with writers for their X-Men movie, bringing the MCU a step closer to finally exploring some of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

With the big anticipation of the mutants in the MCU, a long-time X-Men fan cast is getting more fuel than ever, which is seeing Taylor Swift be cast as Dazzler. To demonstrate what she could look like as the singing mutant, Steven Defendini shared new artwork of Swift as Dazzler.

The artist shared that “everything has been moving so fast I couldn’t post these. So fast that we sold out of Dazzler Prints again,” as they were present at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Steven Defendini expressed gratitude “to everyone who stopped by. We keep chatting about things like X-men, Taylor Swift and the show in general, and I can’t think of a better way to spend the show,” showcasing how many are still wanting to see Swift become Dazzler.

The idea of Swift taking on the role of Dazzler has been a popular fan cast for years, given the pop star’s massive resemblance to the Marvel mutant. As Swift has only gotten bigger throughout her career, including her massive tour that is happening, seeing her bring Dazzler into the franchise would be a significant deal for the character itself. If the creative team wanted to, they would also be able to write and craft their version of Dazzler heavily around Swift.

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Dazzler being in the MCU would also allow the franchise to establish a special type of celebrity apart from the Avengers. Similar to real life, Swift being a global sensation for her musical work would be fun to see in the MCU while also seeing a mutant be massively accepted by society. It would be similar to how the Wonder Man TV show will portray a superhero but from the Hollywood perspective.

One of the big theories that is floating around right now is that Swift is actually going to play Dazzler in Deadpool 3, which would be a perfect starting point for her in the MCU. Depending on what they do after The Multiverse Saga, Swift could hypothetically return to the MCU as Dazzler whenever they get ready to fully explore the X-Men in the franchise. But for now, time will tell if Marvel Studios will ever bring Swift into the MCU as Dazzler or if it will only continue being a long-time X-Men dream.

Source: Steven Defendini/Instagram

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