On Wednesday, there is 3 new Star Wars comic release hitting the shelves.

This weeks releases sees the next instalment of Darth Vader (2020) #45 by Greg Pak, with art by Andy Gorham and Paul Fry. Cavan Scott brings us the sixth issue from Phase II of The High Republic, with artwork by Jim Town and Laura Bragg. And we get the final issue in the Thrawn Alliances mini-series adapted by Jody Houser from the Timothy Zahn novel with art from Patrick Olliffe and Andrea Di Vito.

Writer: Greg PakArtist: Andy Gorham & Paul FryColours: Frederico BleeLetterer: VC’s Joe CaramagnaCover: Francis Leinel Yu and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Writer: Cavan ScottArtist: Jim Town & Laura BragaColours: Jim CampbellLetterer: VC’s Ariana MaherCover: Phil Noto

Adapted by: Jody HouserStory by : Timothy ZahnArtist: Pat Ollie & Andrea Di VitoColours: Rachelle RosenbergLetterer: VC’s Travis LanhamCover: Rod Reis

Hope you have enjoyed browsing the preview pages of next week’s Star Wars comics. Stay tuned for the full list of literature releases for next week with our weekly publications list every Monday.

Happy reading!

 An early look inside the pages of the Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics Star Wars titles for release on April 10, 2024.  Read More