Stan Lee wasn’t a fan of Garth Ennis’ Fury MAX series due to its brutality, controversial storylines, and R-rated take on the character.
Garth Ennis is known for controversial comic stories like Fury MAX, Preacher, The Boys, and more.
Ennis admitting he’s never read Stan Lee comics may surprise some but it’s still oddly impressive.

Both Stan Lee and Garth Ennis are legendary storytellers in the comic book industry and beyond, with their work at Marvel standing tall as some of the best stories of their careers. Yet despite Stan’s hand in co-creating the most iconic comic characters around and Ennis making his mark on the industry in a much more controversial way, Garth Ennis has recently revealed that Stan Lee didn’t care for one of his most critically acclaimed series featuring Nick Fury.

Responsible for bringing Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and countless others to the masses, Stan Lee’s legacy will continue to inspire creatives for decades to come, something that Garth Ennis’ work on The Boys, Preacher, Hellblazer, and Punisher MAX can also claim, just for a different audience.

And although both are highly respected comic creators and Marvel co-workers, a recent interview with CBR for Ennis’ upcoming Get Fury series saw him let slip that Stan Lee wasn’t a big fan of Ennis’ Fury MAX series from over a decade ago!


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Stan Lee Didn’t Care For Garth Ennis’ Fury MAX Series One Bit

Fury MAX – 2012 (Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov)

Going on a tangent when asked about how his version of Fury compares to the more superhero-like Fury from the MCU, Ennis explains how he recalls his “old Fury series with some affection” as he “took the character to what I saw as his logical place in the world, i.e. a complete lunatic in love with war.” Going on to say, “I know that among others Stan Lee didn’t like it, but never having read any of his comics that doesn’t mean as much to me as it might to some,” Ennis reveals a surprising criticism taken at his expense.

Released in 2012 as Fury MAX, this limited series was chock-full of blood, violence, and more than a little nudity, dragging Fury in and out of different decades-spanning military conflicts throughout its 13-issue run. Also adding his iteration of Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, into the mix, Ennis used his love for military history and knack for writing gripping and controversial storylines to put Fury through the wringer, making total sense as to why Stan Lee wouldn’t like Ennis’ brutal take on the character, especially since Stan and Jack Kirby were the ones to create him!

Garth Ennis Is Known For Controversial Comic Stories Like Fury MAX

Hilariously, and acting as the perfect rebuttal to Stan’s dislike of Fury MAX, Ennis admitting that he’s never read any Stan Lee comics may come off as blasphemous to some — especially since Stan helped create the character Ennis writes so well — but instead, feels quite impressive considering that Stan, his stories, and the many characters that populate them were Marvel Comics for a time. Regardless of Stan Lee’s hot take on Garth Ennis’ version of Nick Fury, fans can still get excited for his Get Fury limited series hitting shelves in May.

Source: cbr.com

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