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Loki’s impressed, but it doesn’t slow him down in the slightest. If anything, it seems to make him more menacing as he lashes out at Wanda with the truth.

Marvel ComicsScarlet Witch impresses Loki by hexing him to only speak the truth.

The ultimate showdown is the first of a teased love affair between Wanda and Loki. Of course, the end result of the conflict is a little spoiled by the timeline; the story is set before last month’s Immortal Thor #1, wherein Loki revealed he had abdicated the throne.

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How this battle between Loki and Wanda plays out could be anyone’s guess, but it’s sure to bring some harsh truths to light. The answers will be revealed in Scarlet Witch #8, on sale from Marvel Comics on September 6.

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 Loki and Scarlet Witch’s teased romance is kicking off this month, as Wanda hexes the God of Mischief to only tell the truth.  Read More  ” class=”text-neutral-grey w-full mb-4 text-body-1 font-body dark:text-neutral-white”>The Scarlet Witch and Loki are about to go to war, and the Scarlet Witch’s ultimate weapon is to make the God of Lies speak the truth.

Although Loki has been rechristened as the God of Stories in recent years, it hasn’t stopped his mischievous ways. The God of Mischief is still a renowned liar, and it takes someone with some serious power to put him in his place.

That person may just be Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. Wanda’s current storyline sees her running a magic shop that is home to The Last Door, a magically enchanted doorway. Through that door, she is visited by lost souls with nowhere to go and in desperate need of help.

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The latest person to jaunt through the door is none other than Loki’s cousin, with a bizarre prospect: he wants Loki’s throne. Wanda sets out to resolve the matter and to do so, she’s going to employ a weapon strong enough to stop Loki in his tracks.

In a preview shared by Screen Rant, Wanda manages to one-up Loki with a powerful hex. Under the effects of the hex, Loki can only speak the truth for one hour.

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