The upcoming Wonder Woman game will feature an open world and utilize Monolith Productions’ Nemesis System for a stronger connection between Diana and her enemies. Concept art for the game suggests a futuristic setting and the possible inclusion of DC Comics characters like Nubia. The game is rumored to have graphics on par with Gotham Knights and offer both a default 30 FPS mode and a performance mode with 60 FPS. Gameplay will involve jumping, leaping, and fast dashing, with the ability to equip and upgrade various equipment. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and Invisible Jet will also play a role.

A wealth of new information about the upcoming Wonder Woman game has just been leaked from a credible source, offering some interesting insights about its gameplay and technical specifications. WB Games and Middle-earth: Shadow of War developer Monolith Productions announced a new video game based on the iconic Wonder Woman during the Game Awards in 2021, but there has been very little news since. What is known so far is that this Wonder Woman game will feature an open world of some kind and that it will utilize the Nemesis System from Monolith’s Middle-earth games for a stronger connection between Diana of Themyscira and the many foes she battles against.

Supposed concept art for the forthcoming Wonder Woman game was recently leaked earlier this year, providing a potential glimpse at a futuristic setting and famous DC Comics characters like Nubia. Fans have since speculated that Monolith could soon release more information about Wonder Woman, possibly at this year’s Game Awards livestream. In the meantime, parent company Warner Bros. recently dispelled rumors that Wonder Woman would feature a live service model, much to the relief of players put off by such features in games like Marvel’s Avengers and the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.


New Wonder Woman Game Update is Good News for Fans

A new update on the upcoming Wonder Woman video game from Monolith Productions is good news for fans of the comic book hero.

Even more Wonder Woman news surfaced this weekend when industry insider Nick Baker shared some information about the game on the Xbox Era podcast. As reported by ComicBook.com, Baker claims that Wonder Woman will feature graphics on the level of last year’s Gotham Knights, running at 30 FPS in its default mode with the development team at Monolith aiming to include a 60 FPS performance mode.

Baker goes on to describe Wonder Woman’s gameplay, which he says will be similar to Xbox’s Crackdown series in terms of jumping, leaping, and fast dashing. Players will supposedly be able to equip various boots, braces, and torso equipment with upgradable stats, similar to Sony Santa Monica’s recent God of War games. Wonder Woman’s legendary Lasso of Truth is reportedly used to capture enemies for throws and combo attacks, similar to the webs in the Marvel’s Spider-Man series. Lastly, Baker claims that Diana’s infamous Invisible Jet can be used for fast travel.

While all of this new Wonder Woman information sounds intriguing, it should be pointed out that it is all just a rumor at this time and that even seasoned insiders like Nick Baker have gotten things wrong from time to time. As such, fans should take these claims with a healthy dose of skepticism for the time being, at least until WB Games and Monolith Productions are ready to share more official news regarding the upcoming Wonder Womantitle.

Wonder Woman is currently in development.

 New information about Monolith’s Wonder Woman game is leaked from a notable industry insider, offering a glimpse at the upcoming superhero epic.  Read More