Robert Downey Jr. at the Iron Man premiere in 2008Photo: Gaye Gerard (Getty Images)

A little over four years ago (!), Martin Scorsese made a now-infamous pronouncement: Marvel movies are “not cinema.” In fact, they’re more like theme parks, in the Killers Of The Flower Moon director’s eye. That first shot kicked off a war as virulent as the one the Avengers had to fight against Thanos himself. It’s 2024 now, and we really thought we’d heard it all: Marvel movies are superior to arthouse films because they do better at the box office, according to a shady video from director Joe Russo. Marvel movies are worse than arthouse films because they’re a “cut and paste” of each other that “turned us into zombies a bit,” in the words of director Denis Villeneuve. The list goes on.

 The 2008 Marvel film went on to gross $585.5 million at the box office  Read More