The Rhino has received a major upgrade in Uncanny Spider-Man #2, making him a more powerful and destructive threat. His new armor, infused with mind control technology, is controlling him, increasing his strength and rage. The Vulture’s technology and mind control abilities have transformed the Rhino into a potentially disastrous force, with consequences for both heroes and villains.

Warning! Spoilers for Uncanny Spider-Man #2 ahead!Spider-Man’s iconic foe, the Rhino, has received a major upgrade that effectively turns him into a Hulk-style menace. While the classic Marvel villain is already a destructive powerhouse, his new armor in Uncanny Spider-Man significantly enhances the threat he poses. However, he isn’t totally in control of it – it’s controlling him.

Uncanny Spider-Man #2 has the creative team of Si Spurrier, Lee Garbett, Matt Milla, Joe Caramagna, Tom Muller, and Jay Bowen. The series continues Nightcrawler’s foray as a Spider-Man hero as he hides out to try and clear his name after murdering several people while under mind control.

During this strange time, Nightcrawler is getting the chance to face off with Spider-Man’s classic rogues’ gallery – including Rhino and his new armor.

Nightcrawler’s Latest Fight Showcases Rhino’s New Upgrade

Kurt Wagner has had his fair share of intense battles and face-offs, but going up against Orchis – teamed up with Silver Sable – isn’t proving easy. This is especially true since the organizations have joined forces with Rhino to give him a major power-up. His new suit includes a component of Orchis Project Lykourgos, which is a prototype of “portable microtechnology capable of manipulating action/behavior/reaction of living human subject by means of cerebral stimulation.” In other words, this red-glowing tech can implement a form of mind control, similar to that which Nightcrawler was previously exposed to. Now, Rhino is at its mercy, elevating his base power potential.

Rhino is already known for being a powerhouse. Introduced in 1966 in The Amazing Spider-Man #14, Aleksei Systevich has been the subject of experimentation, suit upgrading, and supreme destructive potential. He has had a range of different suits, including an experimentally-induced new skin layer, mech suits, and now his latest upgrade from Orchis. This one is doing a good job of increasing his wrecking capabilities while making him even more mindless. In many regards, he is literally out of his control. It increases not only his strength but also his rage, preventing him from holding himself back the way he has been known to do in the past.

The Vulture Has Transformed The Rhino Into Something Deadlier

Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery is very well-known, and they’ve received major upgrades in the newest stage of the X-Men’s current story. Currently, Vulture has taken on the role of Director and is inventing technology for Orchis. His engineering skills have often made him a fierce villain to face, allowing him to build his wings and weapons. However, his venture into mind control allows him to use one of his former Sinister Six allies to his utmost destructive potential, effectively making Rhino “Hulk out” in this first field test. The Hulk potential being drawn out by Rhino’s new armor could have disastrous results for not just Nightcrawler, but also the villain himself, considering the way his agency in a fight has been taken from him.

Uncanny Spider-Man #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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