Dylan O’Brien, Alden Ehrenreich, Steven Yeun, and other actors have the potential to play a new version of Steve Rogers as Captain America in a soft reboot of the MCU.
These actors bring the appropriate screen presence, physical attributes, and acting ability to portray a charismatic and morally pure character like Steve Rogers in the franchise.
The potential casting of these actors, who range from offering diverse depictions of Captain America to comic-accurate portrayals, could bring a fresh and exciting take on the beloved character in a rebooted MCU.

With the MCU seemingly heading toward a soft reboot, there are many actors capable of playing a new version of Steve Rogers’ Captain America within the franchise. Since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, it has quickly grown into one of the biggest and most successful franchises in movie history. However, the many movies of the MCU have seen the franchise’s interconnected narrative become increasingly complex, and many consider this to be its biggest ongoing issue. It would seem that Avengers: Secret Wars could fix this, though: it may well reboot certain parts of the MCU.

As one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, Steve Rogers as Captain America helped define the early stages of the MCU. It’s possible that a soft reboot would see the role recast, with a new actor playing some variant of Rogers to continue telling the stories of the iconic Avenger within the franchise. There are many potential avenues to take with regard to recasting for the MCU reboot – comic accuracy could be favored, or perhaps more creative license could be taken when adapting new iterations of beloved characters. With that in mind, here are 10 actors who could be cast as Captain America in a potential MCU reboot.

10 Dylan O’Brien

Mostly known for his role as Stiles in Teen Wolf,Dylan O’Brien is a name that has been most often attached to a different superhero role. Though O’Brien’s opportunity to play Nightwing in the DC Universe may have passed, he could serve well as the MCU’s new Captain America in a rebooted role. O’Brien has experience in action-based roles and the appropriate screen presence to portray a charismatic character like Steve Rogers, making him a potentially sound pick for a younger variant of Captain America who could continue the role for an extended period in the MCU.

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9 Alden Ehrenreich

Though Aldren Ehrenreich already has major franchise experience after playing Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, his turn as the younger version of the iconic smuggler only showcased some of the skills he possesses that make him a solid contender for Captain America. In a rebooted MCU, Ehrenreich would be able to bring his quiet intensity and confidence to a leadership role as Steve Rogers, and he also possesses physical attributes that would fit the role. What’s more, Ehrenreich bears a resemblance to Chris Evans, making him a sensible pick for the rebooted role.

8 Steven Yeun

Although Steven Yeun may seem an unorthodox pick to play Steve Rogers, he could actually be the perfect choice for Captain America in a soft-rebooted MCU. Yeun could play an Asian-American variant of Rogers, offering the MCU an important opportunity to establish a more diverse depiction of an All-American hero. However, it’s Yeun’s acting ability that actually makes him perfect for the part: his turn as Glenn on The Walking Dead showed how capable he is of bringing morally pure and heroic characters to life, making him an unexpectedly perfect choice for a new variant of Steve Rogers in the MCU.

7 Jordan Calloway

Considering the infinite scope of Marvel’s Multiverse, a reboot could see any variant of Steve Rogers take up the mantle as the MCU’s Captain America. Jordan Calloway would be an interesting choice for the role, offering continued diversity to the franchise while also possessing a range of incredibly desirable qualities for a leading man in the MCU. Calloway already has experience in action-heavy superhero media, having played Painkiller in Black Lightning. He has also showcased his impressive dramatic range in Riverdale, making him a subtly perfect choice for a new take on Captain America in the MCU.

6 Alexander Ludwig

Alexander Ludwig is perhaps best known for his role as Bjorn on Vikings, but he would also be an excellent casting for Captain America in the MCU. Standing at 6’1, he’s the exact height and build of Steve Rogers in the comics, as well as possessing the character’s blond hair and being a perfect age to continue the role for an extended period within the franchise. He’s proved himself in action-based roles and dramatic fare, but Ludwig has also been known to dabble in more comedic roles, making him a perfect fit for the lighter tone of the MCU should he be cast as a comic-accurate Steve Rogers variant.

5 Eka Darville

Though Eka Darville’s role in Jessica Jones may complicate his casting, the Australian actor could be a perfect fit for the MCU’s Captain America. With Jessica Jones‘ place in the order of the MCU’s timeline somewhat in question, Darville’s casting as Rogers could work, but it’s not his previous Marvel role that qualifies him. Early in his career, Darville starred in Power Rangers RPM, showcasing his ability to play action-based and leadership roles. The actor’s ability to bring complex characters to life, combined with previous action experience, makes him a solid choice for a Steve Rogers variant after the MCU’s soft reboot.

4 Grant Gustin

Considering Grant Gustin’s extended tenure playing one of DC’s most iconic characters, casting him in the MCU could prove something of a coup. With the Arrowverse’s demise, The Flash‘s star could find himself a new home in the MCU playing one of Marvel’s most important heroes, as he’d be perfect for the role of a young Steve Rogers. Gustin is clearly no stranger to the superhero genre and proved incredibly charismatic at the head of a large ensemble cast. Many of the qualities that made his Arrowverse character popular would transfer perfectly to an MCU role, making him an excellent potential choice for Captain America in the reboot.

3 Brenton Thwaites

Despite being Australian, Brenton Thwaites may well be the next actor to bring Captain America to life in the MCU after the franchise’s soft reboot. With his starring role as Dick Grayson/Nightwing on Titans ending after the show’s cancellation, Thwaites would be perfect for a young Steve Rogers variant. He’s already proven his ability to communicate heroism, strength, and charm to action-heavy superhero roles and is certainly no stranger to playing a leading role in a superhero team on screen. When it comes to prior experience, few actors are as qualified to play Steve Rogers in the MCU reboot as Brenton Thwaites.

2 Glen Powell

One of Hollywood’s most promising up-and-coming stars, Glen Powell would undoubtedly be a perfect choice to play Steve Rogers in the MCU. The Top Gun: Maverick star not only looks the part of the All-American hero but he’s proven himself incredibly capable from an acting standpoint. Having already racked up credits in a vast number of genres, Powell would be a perfect choice to play a young variant of Steve Rogers in a rebooted MCU and is both versatile from an acting perspective and arguably the best visual fit for the role with regard to comic accuracy.

1 Robbie Amell

Perhaps Robbie Amell’s biggest role to date came in the superhero genre, as he played Firestorm on The Flash alongside Grant Gustin. However, he’s no stranger to stepping into the shoes of iconic characters: Amell has portrayed Fred Jones in live-action Scooby-Doo movies and Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. His prior experience in the action genre certainly helps, but it’s his physical attributes that make him such an obvious choice for the MCU’s new Steve Rogers. Amell’s chiseled features and classic good looks make him perfect for Captain America should the MCU indeed opt for a soft reboot in upcoming films.

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