Marvel Studios’ lower output in 2024 could pave the way for huge MCU announcements in anticipation for future projects; i.e.: Fantastic Four‘s cast, Spider-Man 4‘s release date, Blade‘s script, and Avengers: Secret Wars‘ director. Deadpool 3 could confirm which multiversal characters will appear in Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars. Dormant MCU projects like Ironheart, unannounced sequels like Thor 5, unconfirmed movies like Planet Hulk, and second seasons like Moon Knight season 2 could also be revealed throughout 2024.

2024 may be one of the years with the fewest MCU releases, but it might also be filled with exciting announcements. Since its inception in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been releasing multiple projects every year. 2009 and 2020 have been the only two years without a single MCU entry. 2009 didn’t feature any MCU movie because the franchise was only beginning to take shape, and 2020 didn’t feature any MCU movie or show due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the MCU has only one movie on its 2024 schedule, Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3, due to changes in Marvel Studios’ release plan.

However, the MCU’s lower output in 2024 doesn’t mean that Marvel Studios’ momentum is winding down. The MCU’s slate for the rest of Phases 5 and 6 contains major releases such as Marvel’ Fantastic Four reboot, the newly renamed Avengers 5, and Avengers: Secret Wars. But before those movies arrive, the studio’s 2024 hiatus may serve as a short break to build anticipation and deliver some of the MCU’s biggest announcements for the Multiverse Saga, at least for the next few years.

10 The MCU’s Fantastic Four Cast Officially Announced

Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot Will Likely Reveal Its Main Cast Soon

One of 2024’s most anticipated MCU announcements is Fantastic Four’s official cast, which has been the movie’s main subject of discussion since the project was confirmed to be in development back in 2019. Fan castings for Marvel’s First Family have abounded, with actors such as Pedro Pascal and Vanessa Kirby leading the list as Reed Richards and Sue Storm, respectively. 2023 closed with no official confirmation, but Fantastic Four’s official cast may be one of Marvel’s earliest announcements. Afterward, it’s possible that more updates will follow, including Fantastic Four’s plot, main villain, and Doctor Doom’s MCU Casting.

9 Kang The Conqueror’s Possible Recast Is Settled

Jonathan Majors’ Firing May Change Marvels’ Plans For The MCU

Another highly anticipated announcement Marvel Studios could make early in 2024 is the decision the studio will make around Kang the Conqueror following Jonathan Majors’ conviction and subsequent firing. After Marvel dropped Jonathan Majors in December 2023, all updates around Kang the Conqueror will be influential for the direction of the whole franchise. Whether Marvel recasts Kang or replaces the character altogether, Jonathan Majors’ exit will certainly affect most of the MCU’s upcoming movies and shows. Hence, Marvel‘s new plan will likely begin to be revealed in 2024, either with a new actor in the role or with a new overarching villain for the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.

Spider-Man’s Fourth MCU Solo Movie May Takes Its First Step Forward In 2024

There haven’t been many updates around an MCU Spider-Man sequel since Spider-Man: No Way Home’s December was released in late 2021. Considering how important Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man is quite likely a priority for Marvel Studios and Sony. Tom Holland has expressed interest in returning for the sequel, and both Marvel and Sony have confirmed that the project is in development. However, Spider-Man 4 hasn’t received a release date, confirmed its storyline, or revealed a director yet. But while Spider-Man 4 is still in early stages of development, its first solid update could be coming soon in 2024, beginning with its release date.


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7 Blade Script Is Finished, MCU Supporting Characters Confirmed

Marvel’s Blade Reboot Needs To Make Progress In 2024 After Several Delays

The MCU’s Blade reboot has gone through a litany of obstacles since it was first announced, including constant changes in the movie’s script. All throughout the process, Blade star Mahershala Ali has stood by the project. So, after many delays, the best announcement Marvel can make about the Blade reboot is that its plot has been consolidated. With that settled, Blade’s main cast can also be confirmed soon afterward, and the possibility of other major Marvel cameos like Kit Harington’s Black Knight can finally be either confirmed or discarded.

6 Fox’s Marvel Characters Confirmed To Return In Avengers: Secret Wars

Deadpool 3 Will Likely Be Avengers 5 And Secret Wars’ Biggest Set-Up

The MCU’s only 2024 release can bring one of the most important announcements for Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars. Depending on how many of Fox’s Marvel characters appear in Deadpool 3’s multiversal story and how many live to see the end credits, then the multiversal cameos that will appear in the next two Avengers movies could begin to be confirmed. These characters may not only include Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool but also other Marvel characters like Jennifer Garner’s Elektra, Ioan Gruffud’s Reed Richards, and the X-Men prequels cast. Deadpool 3’s ending and post-credits scene might be key to understanding what the MCU’s next crossover events will look like.

Deadpool 3 set photos already confirmed the return of a couple of original X-Men movie villains.

The MCU’s Dormant Disney+ Shows Might Get Major Updates In 2024

In between the many delays and announcements Marvel Studios has made in the last couple of years, some MCU projects have been left behind. Big titles such as Avengers: Secret Wars have been confirmed and discussed for years, while smaller ones like the Wonder Man and Vision Quest Disney+ shows have received very few updates since their original announcement, and their status has been uncertain at some point. With Marvel’s last 2023 schedule change, 2024 could be the year that these overlooked projects receive their respective official release dates, at the very least.


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4 Thor 5, Doctor Strange 3, and Eternals 2 Officially Announced

MCU Sequels May Be Confirmed To Release Before The Multiverse Saga Ends

There are some MCU projects that almost certainly will happen in the next few years but haven’t been officially announced yet: Thor 5 and Doctor Strange 3. Chris Hemsworth has already expressed interest in returning for Thor 5, saying that he wants to explore a darker side of the character. Likewise, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ post credits scene set up a sequel following Doctor Strange and Clea as they venture into the Dark Dimension to investigate an incursion. As for Eternals 2, confirmation of its development would be a welcome surprise given how little information about the titular characters Marvel has delivered since their debut.

3 Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel’s Second Seasons Get Announced

Marvel’s Disney+ Shows May Get Second Seasons Sooner Rather Than Later

Similarly, there are some Disney+ shows that are likely to get second seasons sooner rather than later, namely Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, which proved the potential of the Disney+ long-form format in Phase 4. With how famous the titular characters are, it’s possible that their shows will get a new season before the Multiverse Saga ends. Before that happens, though, Marvel could keep fans excited throughout 2024 with the announcement of the first MCU Disney+ second seasons. This would also confirm that these characters have continued to be active between their introduction and their potential crossover in the MCU’s next team-up events.

2 Scarlet Witch and Hulk Solo Movies Confirmed

The MCU’s Scarlet Witch And Hulk Movies Are Long Overdue

Two MCU projects that aren’t sequels but still have a high likelihood of getting made are solo movies centered around Hulk and Scarlet Witch. Hulk’s first proper solo sequel has been set up by She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, where it was revealed that Hulk had a son in Sakaar prior to returning to Earth. This could be a nod to a possible Planet Hulk MCU adaptation or a World War Hulk movie, both of which could come before the end of Phase 6.

Although Scarlet Witch apparently died at the end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff could still star in her own film. Olsen has repeatedly expressed her interest in a Scarlet Witch movie, and given that the Darkhold’s Scarlet Witch prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled, it’s possible that Wanda Maximoff hasn’t died yet. Whether Scarlet Witch would return as a hero or as a villain is yet to be seen.


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1 Avengers: The Kang Dynasty And Secret Wars Director Officially Announced

The Next Two Avengers Movies Need A Director Before They Get More Updates

While Avengers 5 is still a long time away, 2024 seems like an appropriate moment to begin providing updates. Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton departed the movie in 2023, and Marvel removed Kang from the title shortly afterward. Now, the most likely update the movie can get is the confirmation of a new director, who may also helm the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars. Some of the possible candidates for the job include Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy and Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Sam Raimi, both of whom are more than experienced with the concept of the Multiverse. Following their success, WandaVision’s Matt Shakman and Loki’s Kate Herron could also be Marvel’s options to direct the MCU‘s next two Avengers movies.

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