Power Pack, Marvel’s most precocious heroes, return early next year for a special story set early in their careers. 2024 marks 40 years of Power Pack, and to celebrate, the book’s original creative team have reunited for a brand-new, five-issue miniseries, titled Power Pack: Into the Storm. Exploring the group’s early years, the new book will also see the Pack team up with the X-Men and other surprise characters.

Marvel revealed more information about Power Pack: Into the Storm #1 on its website. Into the Storm will see Power Pack’s creators, Louise Simonson and June Brigman, return to their beloved creations, telling a story set in the group’s early years. Classic Power Pack foes, such as the Snarks, will play a large role in the series, as will the Brood and other alien races. While Marvel did not reveal exact plot details, it did say that Power Pack’s mission has “enormous stakes that threaten the very stability of the cosmos.” Assisting Power Pack in their fight to save the galaxy are Storm of the X-Men as well as future member Franklin Richards.

Power Pack’s Original Creators Are Taking It Back to Where it Started

Simonson was excited to return to the project, saying it was “easy to […] slip back into Power Pack.” She went on to say she enjoyed fleshing out Snark culture more, including showing good members of the species. Simonson also promised the book would deal with some of the original title’s classic themes and concepts, such as whether to tell their parents about their powers; she also teased Franklin Richard’s developing powers. Artist June Brigman shared Simonson’s enthusiasm, saying she enjoyed working with the Power kids once again.

Power Pack Occupies a Unique Spot in the Marvel Universe

Power Pack consists of four siblings: Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, who were granted superhuman abilities by a dying alien. At the time of their first appearance in 1984’s Power Pack #1, the group was unique in the Marvel Universe. While the publisher had young heroes before, such as Spider-Man and the original X-Men, Power Pack were even younger; when the book began publication, Alex, the oldest member, was around 12 and Katie, the youngest was 6. The book was a smash hit, winning several industry awards and earning the love of fans and critics alike. Power Pack continues to make sporadic appearances, either as a group or solo; their last appearance was a four-issue miniseries written by Ryan North and drawn by Nico Leon. Now, on the occasion of the group’s 40th anniversary, they are set to return with a new adventure in their heyday.

Power Pack is the Ultimate Comic for Kids

Four decades after this first appearance, Power Pack continues to find new generations of fans, some of whom are in the same age range as the Power kids. Power Pack, at its core, is wish fulfillment for young fans, and Simonson and Brigman mined this territory to brilliant effect in the book’s original run. Under Simonson and Brigman’s direction, Power Pack was a refreshing antidote to the “grim and gritty” trend that was consuming the comics field at the time, and as a result, is still fondly remembered today. Now, Power Pack’s original creators have returned to tell a brand-new story about Marvel’s most precocious heroes-in time for their 40th anniversary.

Power Pack #1 is on sale January 24 from Marvel Comics!

Source: Marvel Comics

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