Palworld is absolutely cleaning up in sales in its first weekend on the market. If you’re unfamiliar, there’s a new game that was released this week called Palworld. It may have been easy to miss if you weren’t already paying attention to it, but it is sweeping the industry right now. Palworld is sort of a Pokemon knock-off, but the biggest difference is its a big multiplayer game that you can play and explore in with your friends. There are a bunch of creatures known as Pals that you can collect and capture, similar to Pokemon, but instead of simply having just elemental powers… some of them have full blown guns. You can also capture humans too, if you’re really committed to kidnapping sentient beings. It has been a huge game on social media and it has drummed up some controversy for its possible use of AI, but it is a roaring success.

According to the official Twitter page of Palworld, the game sold 3 million copies in 40 hours. For the sake of comparison, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one of 2023’s biggest games featuring one of the most popular characters in all of fiction, sold 2.5 million in 24 hours. That sales figure made it PlayStation’s fastest selling exclusive. Palworld has apparently sold just as fast if not a bit faster than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as a result. With that said, Palworld is also significantly cheaper. The game is being sold for $27 as opposed to $70 like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Naturally, that makes it a bit of an easier sell. It is also on a few more platforms as it’s on PC and Xbox, while Marvel’s Spdier-Man 2 was just on PS5. Nevertheless, it’s a huge achievement. 

#Palworld has sold over 3 million copies in 40 hours since release!

Thank you everyone for playing Palworld!

We are so overwhelmed but also encouraged by this incredible accomplishment!

Please leave a review if you’ve been enjoying your time in Palworld!#Pocketpair

— Palworld (@Palworld_EN)

January 21, 2024

Given its sudden success for a game that very few people were aware of before its release, it has some people wondering if the developer is including Xbox Game Pass users as well. Either way, 3 million players (no matter how they got the game) is huge. Only time will tell if Palworld will be able to sustain its success, but it sure seems to be on track to be one of the biggest games of the year.

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