The Multiverse of Marvel comics has served as the home to many infinite beings who appear as self-proclaimed gods. But true fans of the franchise know that there’s only one true god who is known as the One-Above-All. But to fans’ disbelief, despite its powerful nature, the character won’t ever show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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While MCU features several of its incarnations, One-Above-All never appeared in its real form, and neither will it ever do, in the near future. Since the character cannot be defeated or outsmarted, One-Above-All exists as a constant and is simply believed to be beyond the audience’s apprehension. Thus, the character might never see the MCU’s light shine on him. 

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Despite Fantastic 4 Connection, MCU Will Not Feature One Character 

Audiences and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are aware of all the self-proclaimed gods and supervillains featured in the movies. However, one character that never appeared in the films is the one true god of the Marvel comics. The ever-powerful, omnipotent, and unbeatable character called One-Above-All has never featured in the MCU in its true form. 

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One-Above-All debuted in Fantastic Four #511 as the recreation of Jack Kirby

Existing as a constant, the One-Above-All has infinite incarnations that appeared in the MCU. But unfortunately, fans have never witnessed the character in its truest form. The character created by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo, initially debuted in Fantastic Four #511. Appearing as the supreme ruler of the Marvel Multiverse, the character bore the visage of legendary comic creator Jack Kirby. 

Peter Parker met One-Above-All when Aunt May was dying

Marvel initially introduced the godly character as the Fantastic Four’s real-life co-creator and pronounced its presence as the most powerful force in the entire multiverse. Further, the character took many forms and featured in a variety of stories, like when it took the form of a homeless man to comfort Peter Parker when Aunt May was dying. However, it never truly showed its real form. 

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Reasons Why Marvel’s One-Above-All Might Never Appear in MCU 

According to CBR, Timothy Blake Donohoo, the creative writer skilled in comic book resources, noted in 2023 that Marvel might never feature its ever-powerful, one true god in the MCU. Discussing how fans and audiences are still not receptive to certain concepts and stories present in the vast multiverse of Marvel comics, Donohoo mentioned that One-Above-All will remain absent from the films.

One-Above-All is the only true god in the Marvel comics

“The scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has increased, with the movies currently in the middle of the “Multiverse Saga.” Even as this has expanded the types of stories told in the shared universe, certain concepts are still absent. Likewise, some fans and moviegoers aren’t as receptive to these more esoteric concepts, so elements such as the One-Above-All are still out of reach.” 

Although the Marvel comics explored all sides of the godly character and noted that they have a counterbalance and a dark side in the form of One Below All, the MCU is refraining from featuring One-Above-All. Probably there’s a valid reason for why Marvel is keeping away from confusing fans by featuring the godly character. 

Fans are still not ready for the grandiose concept of One-Above-All to appear in MCU

Due to One-Above-All’s omnipotence, neither the character nor its infinite forms will ever appear in the MCU. And the main reason behind it is probably because Marvel believes, featuring the character will cause a massive power imbalance. Since One-Above-All itself is a grandiose concept, its appearance in the MCU will be kind of cosmic and earth-shattering which many fans aren’t ready for. 

Further, since Fantastic Four is yet to be properly introduced in the MCU, featuring One-Above-All as the recreation of Jack Kirby remains a sort of roadblock for Marvel. Therefore, while other godly and supervillain characters might get introduced in films, One-Above-All still awaits for MCU to shine its light upon. 

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 Despite having a Fantastic Four connection, Marvel’s one true god, One-Above-All might never show up in the MCU.  Read More