The world needs no introductions on just how massive the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become today, so much so that its defining the shape of modern cinema. Thus, to make sure that everything stays running smoothly, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been tasked to supervise the operations.

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But recently, it was found out that the President, while he may preside over the overall planning and execution of the operations at Marvel Studios, doesn’t do everything alone. What is surprising to hear is that the continuity and relevancy of the films and TV shows in the grand scheme is maintained by a man named Drew River.

Kevin Feige Isn’t The Man That Keeps The Events Of The MCU In Order

Kevin Feige with the cast of The Avengers (via USA Today)

With 30+ major motion pictures, 10+ TV shows and mini-series, and a decade and a half of changing the landscape of cinema, the MCU has become something extraordinary. And even after achieving so much, it has no signs of stopping anytime soon, something that President Kevin Feige is tasked with ensuring. Being the top brass at Marvel Studios, anything and everything that happens in the MCU is under his supervision and discretion. But when it comes to ensuring that every major event stays connected, another man takes charge of the franchise.

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In a recent interview with The Digital Fix, Kevin Wright, the executive producer of the Loki series, revealed that there is a person who ensures inconsistencies never occur in the MCU. He named the said mystery man Drew River, who is the Marvel Studios’ go-to guy for getting the upcoming events of any project verified. Since the entire franchise is a connected universe, any inconsistency can spell doom for it, which is why River is one of the most important people in the franchise.

Not only is he important, but he’s so important that he has been given a special designation in Marvel Studios for his said tasks. Wright said that whenever a script is completed, it is sent directly to River to get overviewed, and if he finds any inconsistencies, he flags the writers about it. Therefore, even after such a long time since the inception of the cinematic universe, eagle-eyed fans have managed to find almost no errors in the events of the MCU.

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What’s Next For The MCU?

A still from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (via IMDb)

As the world keeps spinning, so does the Multiverse of the MCU keeps on expanding to new and uncharted horizons. With the release of the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the events of the grand scheme of the MCU have taken a new turn. And now, the fans are waiting to see what the upcoming The Marvels has in store for them.

As for what to expect towards the epic conclusion, everything that is happening now is geared towards the end of Phase Five and ultimately, Phase Six. While it’s still unclear what will happen at the end, the upcoming films and TV series will soon paint a faint picture of what’s to come.

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