After receiving a live-action special nearly two years ago, Werewolf by Night is soon getting his own series. Though the new iteration won’t be live-action, Jack Russell will be getting his first ongoing comic series in quite some time. Spinning out of the events of Marvel’s upcoming Blood Hunt mega-event this summer, the new Werewolf by Night series will follow Russell as he tracks down villains that have managed to extract a pound of his flesh.

“I give Jack Russell a taste of the life he wants before the Blood Hunt event rips it away and leaves blood on his hands,” writer Jason Loo shared of the series. “His new journey is to find redemption while figuring out his new lycanthropic transformation. No one is safe when the full moon is out. But luckily, Elsa Bloodstone is around to keep him in check.”

“Our team is delivering a very metal, monster comic and we’re not holding back,” he continued. “I’m both shocked and impressed at myself for conjuring up these gruesome scenes from the dark recesses of my mind, then seeing them come to life with every gory detail thanks to penciler Sergio Dávila and inker JP Mayer, as our editors keep giving us the thumbs up of approval. This is literally our smash room in a Red Band comic.”

Loo is writing the ongoing series, which is going to be part of Marvel’s new adult-oriented Red Band comics line. Sergio Dávila is drawing the series.

“This has been a great experience,” Dávila added. “Jason Loo is writing a very wild Werewolf By Night and I’m having a lot of fun with the character. I’ve always enjoyed taking characters to the extreme and Werewolf By Night is someone very much tormented by his inner self, so this is a book full of intense action and lots of blood!”

Werewolf by Night #1 is set to hit the shelves at your local comic shop on Wednesday, August 14th.

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