Iman Vellani believes Marvel Studios should focus on making audiences care deeply about the characters, rather than just making everything bigger. She suggests that reuniting established characters and creating exciting crossovers can provide fresh and engaging storytelling, rekindling the audience’s emotional connection. Vellani emphasizes that the commercial success of a film doesn’t determine her enjoyment, but rather the emotional impact it leaves.

Iman Vellani, who plays the lead role of Kamala Khan in The Marvels, believes that Marvel Studios needs to reevaluate its approach to recapture the level of excitement and anticipation witnessed during Avengers: Endgame. The MCU’s recent challenges, including declining critical reception and box office numbers and external issues like the Jonathan Majors scandal, have led to uncertainty about the future. Marvel Studios faces a critical juncture and must find ways to reignite the passion of fans.

In an interview with The Direct, Vellani suggests that instead of focusing solely on making everything bigger, the studio should prioritize making the audience care deeply about the characters. In the last phase of the MCU, numerous memorable characters were established, and she believes it’s crucial to see these characters again, forming new alliances and engaging in exciting crossovers. Such character-driven narratives can provide fresh and engaging storytelling, rekindling the audience’s emotional connection.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s about just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Because then, like, what’s left? You know, I think it’s just about making the audience care about their characters. And I think they’ve established so many wonderful characters in the last phase of the MCU that it would be nice to see them all again and see them team up. I think, because there are so many new characters people want to like, start shipping people together and be like, ‘Oh, seeing Kamala and like the Red Guardian together.’ Like imagining all these pair-ups, and I think that would definitely pay off. It’ll be like, you know, the next Avengers.”

Moreover, she expressed her personal joy in attending Thursday night openings of MCU movies, emphasizing that the commercial success of a film doesn’t determine her enjoyment. Instead, she evaluates a movie based on the emotional impact it leaves on her and hopes the audience shares a similar sentiment.

“But yeah, I mean, I’m speaking as a fan like I’m still there every Thursday night. Like all the Thursday night openings of these movies—they’re just like a source of happiness for me. And the commercial success honestly doesn’t determine the enjoyment of a film for me. Like I judge a movie by the feeling it left me with. And yeah, I do want to leave a movie feeling a little lighter and a little happier, and I hope the audience does, too.”

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The Marvels has encountered a significant challenge at the box office. Its initial performance during the opening weekend was disappointing, with earnings of just $47 million, marking it as the worst debut in the history of the MCU. With its current worldwide ticket sales at $188.9 million, the film now finds itself in a precarious position, requiring a substantial late push to recover its $275 million budget. This situation not only raises concerns about the film’s future but also prompts questions about the broader direction of the MCU.

Iman Vellani recently shared her perspective on the movie’s financial struggles in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment. Instead of fixating on box office figures, she chose to focus on her satisfaction with the final product.

“I don’t want to focus on something that’s not even in my control, because what’s the point? That’s for Bob Iger. [The box office] has nothing to do with me. I’m happy with the finished product, and the people that I care about enjoyed the film. It’s genuinely a good time watching this movie, and that’s all we can ask for with these films. It has superheroes, it take place in space, it’s not that deep and it’s about teamwork and sisterhood. It’s a fun movie, and I’m just so happy that I can share it with people.”

The Marvels is now playing in theaters.

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