Ever since the late 1980s and early 1990s, the stars that once featured on the now showing signs in nearby cinemas have changed dramatically with the arrival of young blood and the change of times. But with some of the most exceptional performances and films in the industry, Matt Damon is still one of the biggest stars that Hollywood still loves and reveres.

Matt Damon

And as the meaning of cinema started to change with superhero films becoming the new meaning of filmmaking, many stars have shifted their perspective on this revolution. But unlike many others, it seems like Damon still believes in the old meaning of what cinema truly is, which is why he reveals his opinions on why he has a problem with these films.

Matt Damon Doesn’t Like Superhero Films

Matt Damon in and as Jason Bourne

Known as the face of the iconic Bourne franchise along with being the lead star in many critical and commercial masterpieces, Matt Damon is no stranger to the success that Hollywood has to offer. Naturally, people assumed that after doing indie blockbusters and creating cinematic franchises, the next step for the star would be to dive into the world of superhero films, which has started to become cinema in recent years.

But with the past opinions he had to share with the rest of the world, it seems like he has closed all doors to his entry into that genre.

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In a past interview with The Sunday Times, the Saving Private Ryan star talked about his take on superhero films and why he thinks these films are changing what cinema stands for in a negative way. Since these kinds of films are the biggest cash cows for studios and production companies, they are trying to push them as far as they can go, which is stagnating the industry with a single type of artistic expression.

Apart from this, he believes that there’s seldom more depth in these films than in indie films from the past, which makes them dismissable without any form of a visual spectacle. He said:

“It made the most profitable movie, one that could travel around the world. And if you want a movie to travel and play big, you want the least amount of cultural confusion. So there is the rise of the superhero movie, right? They’re easy for everyone. You know who the good person is and who the bad person is. They fight three times, and the good person wins twice. This narrative is indeed easy to follow, but it does not necessarily make the story a good one nor one that’s culturally and socially important.”

Despite his claims and beliefs about the aforementioned genre, the star was once seen making an appearance in MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok

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What Has Matt Damon’s Film Career Been Like So Far?

Matt Damon in a still from Saving Private Ryan

He started his career in Hollywood with the indie romance film Mystic Pizza in 1988, but it wouldn’t be until almost a decade later that he would receive star-like recognition in the industry. In 1997, Damon, along with his co-star and best friend Ben Affleck received the Academy Awards for their drama film Good Will Hunting.

Apart from many commercial and critical blockbusters, his most iconic role came in the form of the lethally engineered killing machine Jason Bourne in the iconic Bourne franchise that gave the James Bond films a run for their money.

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