The cast of characters for Marvel’s Wolverine has leaked, and while the lineup is exciting, Deadpool is sadly missing. Deadpool’s potential absence from Marvel’s Wolverine is a missed opportunity for fun interactions and comedic relief between him and Wolverine. An intense fight with both regenerating could have also been fun. Including Deadpool in Marvel’s Wolverine would be well-timed with the upcoming release of Deadpool 3, as Wolverine has a big role within that movie. Putting both characters in the same game after a big movie could increase interest from casual fans.

With several minutes of gameplay footage leaked online as well as plot details, concept art, and more, gamers now have a fairly clear idea of what Insomniac Games is aiming to do with Marvel’s Wolverine. Not only has a surprising second playable character been revealed for Marvel’s Wolverine, but fans have gotten a good look at all the characters that are set to feature in the upcoming title. Overall, the lineup of heroes, villains, and in-betweeners that Logan will interact with during the game seems excellent and suggests players could be in for a lengthy singleplayer experience, though one popular character appears to have missed the cut: Deadpool.

Obviously, Deadpool is not a necessity for Marvel’s Wolverine, especially when the game is already set to feature so many potential antagonists that will get in Logan’s way. With the claw-wielding Mutant already needing to deal with Sabertooth, Omega Red, Mister Sinister, and numerous ninjas, adding another troublemaker like Deadpool could result in the game feeling too crowded. Still, given how fun the interactions between the fairly serious Logan and over-the-top Wade Wilson have been, it is a shame that Insomniac fans may never get to see how the studio would have approached their dynamic.

There is still a chance that Deadpool is added to the game later on, potentially as a surprise fight or side activity, as Insomniac has said its leaked projects will continue to evolve. Still, if it was going to be anything more than a brief Easter egg, he would likely have had his character model and actor leaked alongside the rest of the Marvel’s Wolverine cast.


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Deadpool Could Bring Some Comedic Relief to Marvel’s Wolverine

The bond, or lack thereof, between Deadpool and Wolverine is arguably only outdone by the former’s associations with Cable and Spider-Man. Team-ups between the Ol’ Kanucklehead and the Merc With a Mouth usually consist of Deadpool annoying Wolverine for an extensive amount of time before the two start to fight. With a proper regeneration system leaked for Marvel’s Wolverine, Insomniac could have had a lot of fun with a fight between these two characters, as they could have ripped each other apart in a battle as intense as it is comedic. Both Logan and Wade could take advantage of the regeneration system, with Insomniac Games really flexing its technical prowess in the hypothetical fight.

Additionally, the Marvel’s Spider-Man series has shown that Insomniac Games knows how to write quality banter for a wisecracking superhero character. While the webslinger’s jokes are more cheesy and silly than Deadpool’s adult-oriented commentary or fourth wall breaks, it is easy to imagine the writers at Insomniac crafting some great interactions between Wade and Logan. Deadpool’s role could have been anything from a brief team-up, a one-on-one boss battle, or a situation like Batman: Arkham’s Riddler where Wade leaves items for Logan to find in each area and bugs him over the radio. It is a shame that Deadpool has seemingly missed the cut for this game, as he could bring some levity to what seems to be an otherwise serious story.

Deadpool in Marvel’s Wolverine Would Be Well-Timed

The other thing to consider is that Deadpool appearing in Marvel’s Wolverine would be well-timed. While fans of the comics, animated films, and the solo Deadpool game will remember some of the great interactions between the pair, moviegoers will soon see just how great they can be together via Deadpool 3. With Deadpool 3 expected to be a big success for the MCU when it releases in 2024, advertising Deadpool for Marvel’s Wolverine could get even more eyes on the game when it arrives in 2026. Additionally, setting up Deadpool in Marvel’s Wolverine could make an appearance in Insomniac’s X-Men game feel more natural, as his presence within that title would also result in some entertaining moments.

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