Marvel Comics has released a first-issue preview for its upcoming StrangeAcademy: Blood Hunt. Daniel José Older and Luigi Zagaria’s Blood Hunt event tie-in series will witness vampire hordes descend on New Orleans, home of the Strange Academy.

According to Marvel, the Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1 preview finds Doyle Dormammu, Zoe Laveau, Shaylee Moonpeddle, Germán Aguilar, and Toth enjoying a day in the city with new student Pia and her rabbit-like familiar. They stroll through the historic cemeteries when the sky suddenly darkens and changes to night, allowing a horde of vampires to surround the students, who flee back to the campus. Doctor VooDoo arrives in time to aid the students, granting them safe passage while dealing with the vampire threat. Subsequent pages reveal Doctor Strange astral projecting himself to the campus to converse with Jericho within earshot of eavesdropping students and the Darkhold child displaying his powers and butting heads with Agatha during a train ride.


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Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1


In the upcoming Blood Hunt series, Doyle, Zoe, Shaylee, Germán Aguilar, and Toth will find themselves on the hunt for the Darkhold, which “contains a spell that could destroy all vampires… but there’s just one problem: the Darkhold recently transformed into a human child as a result of Agatha Harkness’ Contest of Chaos (2023)!”

Marvel’s Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1 description reads, “The vampire onslaught of Blood Hunt reaches worldwide all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana, home of the Strange Academy! Doyle Dormammu, Shaylee, Toth, Zoe, Germán get embroiled in an adventure that will take them around the Marvel Universe and right into the center of the Blood Hunt action! That’s right. The kids from the best new series of the decade find themselves at the center stage of the Marvel event of 2024!”


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Marvel Reveals New Wolverine: Blood Hunt Variant Cover

Marvel recently unveiled a new variant cover by legendary Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles co-creator Kevin Eastman for its upcoming Wolverine: Blood Hunt #1. Eastman, whose recent work includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, marks his first Marvel venture by producing the action-packed cover. The variant cover features Wolverine slashing through a vampire horde in full berserker mode with his mysterious new crossbow-wielding ally, Louise of the Nightguard, by his side.

Strange Academy: Blood Hunt #1 will arrive in comic book shops on May 8, 2024.

Source: Marvel

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