The modding community for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC has created a variety of cosmetic mods, including retro-themed comic book costume makeovers for Spider-Man and the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six is a classic group of supervillains in Spider-Man’s mythos, and a mod pack created by Medineer on Nexus Mods gives them costumes that resemble their classic counterparts. Fans have praised the nostalgic feel of the Sinister Six mod and expressed interest in seeing Insomniac Games incorporate classic villain costumes in the game. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is available on PC and PS5.

Players can give Spider-Man and the Sinister Six a retro-themed comic book costume makeover with some new mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Ever since Insomniac Games’ title was ported to PC in 2022, the modding community has been having a field day, and the variety of cosmetic mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man can attest to that. These include various suit mods based on Spider-Man’s different comic book storylines, animated shows, or even theatrical films. While there have been plenty of character mods for the game, a couple of them change not only the webhead’s costume but also those in his rogues’ gallery.

The Sinister Six is a classic group of supervillains across Spider-Man‘s mythos, with the original members consisting of Dr. Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Vulture, Kraven, and Mysterio. The team would never have a consistent roster, with the comics usually swapping out members depending on the story. Insomniac Games’ version of the Sinister Six is no different, though the classics like Vulture, Electro, and Doc Ock are present. The costumes of the villains themselves in this game are a lot more practical and realistic too. If fans wanted Marvel’s Spider-Man to resemble its comic book origins a little closer, however, they should consider these mods.

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Created by Medineer on Nexus Mods, the first mod pack gives the Sinister Six costumes that more closely resemble their classic counterparts. These include the famous green spandex and star-shaped mask worn by Electro, Vulture now being an old man wearing a feathery suit with a pair of wings on his arms, and even Scorpion getting a green and blue palette, among other changes. Mr. Negative has been changed to now resemble a different Spider-Man villain, Mysterio, in this pack. Shocker, of all villains, also gets a costume that resembles his older yellow-and-brown jumpsuit.

The only member whose costume isn’t changed in this pack is Dr. Otto Octavius, who keeps his more practical green and black jumpsuit from the base game. To complete these classic suits, another modder, TheArtsieGuy, demonstrated the villain pack along with his own Spider-Man Suit mod in a video. TheArtsieGuy’s mod makes Spidey’s suit resemble the artwork of Alex Ross, whose design of the wall-crawling hero fits right alongside the retro-looking villains.

Many fans praised the Sinister Six mod, feeling nostalgic over how it referenced the history of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery. Some paid compliments to Scorpion’s 90s-inspired blue and green color scheme, while others expressed how they would like to see Insomniac Games toy with the idea of incorporating classic villain costumes in the same vein as Medineer’s mod.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is available now on PC and PS5.

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 A series of mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered gives the web-slinging hero and the villainous Sinister Six a retro makeover.  Read More