The face model of Mary Jane Watson in Marvel’s Spider-Man has called out fans for harassing her in a new letter.

Stephanie Tyler Jones – the face of MJ in the Insomniac Games Spider-Man series – wrote in an Instagram statement (via Reddit) that she appreciates the “love for my role in the Spider-Man games and the positive response to my version of MJ has gotten over the years.”

Sadly, though, she also notes that she’s “no longer an actively auditioning actor or model”, with everything she works on now “purely a creative outlet” and a “way to collaborate with friends I love”.


This is due to several fans of the series harassing Tyler, with Tyler revealing that one fan “went to the extent of calling my workplace and leaving multiple voicemails wanting to speak with me and requesting I call back, which is unacceptable and considered stalking.”

Mary Jane Watson in Marvel’s Spider-Man Credit: Insomniac Games

The model finished her statement by asking people to remember that she is a “human being trying to make a living”, and that she will block anybody who makes her feel uncomfortable or who tries to message her.

It’s unknown if the fact that Tyler is no longer actively auditioning for roles means that she won’t be reprising her role as Mary Jane Watson in future Insomniac games, or if she’s referring to only auditioning for new roles.

James Stevenson, director at Insomniac Games, followed the statement with one of his own on X (formerly Twitter), writing:

“I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t harass game developers, voice actors, mo-cap performers, or face models (or anyone else). Don’t message them directly, and especially don’t track down phone numbers or personal information in an attempt to contact them.”


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 The face model for Mary Jane Watson in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ has called out elements of the fanbase for harassment.  Read More