Minor spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2The Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise has a lot of personality. The series’ wholesome and creative identity shines through in its characters, humor, and small details like the in-game podcasts that will air as players swing through the city. If Insomniac wants to flesh out this particular detail in the sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s an easy option available.

Although not every NPC returns in Spider-Man 2, plenty of them do, including J. Jonah Jameson and Danika Hart, two in-game media producers occupying opposite ends of the Spider-Man in-universe content spectrum. J. Jonah Jameson famously detests the Spider-Men and attempts to paint them in the worst light possible, while Danika Hart is a bit more relaxed and paints the heroes in a more positive light. Both these podcasters serve as lighthearted comedic relief most of the time, otherwise they are giving some additional context about the events of the game’s story and how the people of NYC view Spider-Man. They are minor characters, but their inclusion is mostly appreciated by players, and they will likely return in the series’ third entry. However, there is one more podcast Insomniac should add, and it would star Mary Jane Watson.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 3’s Villain Lineup Makes Peter Parker Irreplaceable

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 teases a future where Peter hangs up his tights but it seems highly unlikely for that to be the case in a third mainline entry.

It’s not entirely clear what role MJ will play in Spider-Man 3, but it’s likely to involve her new career path, at least to some degree. After quitting the Bugle and disillusioned by the outlet’s poor commitment to journalistic integrity, MJ decides to start her own podcast, doing reporting her own way. Entitled “The New Normal,” the podcast aims to tell the story of a New York City that is rebuilding after the tumultuous events of the latest game.

Not much is known about The New Normal, as it’s only introduced at the end of the game, but the way that Mary Jane describes it in cutscenes and on the Danikast make it seem like an NPR-style, boots on the ground podcast featuring interviews with everyday people. Overall, the podcast is a big step for the somewhat controversial MJ of the Spider-Man games, and presents a unique opportunity for the next entry in the series.

Why The New Normal Is a No-Brainer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

Podcasts in the Marvel’s Spider-Man games are effective and efficient methods of in-game storytelling, allowing for exposition and the delivery of additional context without taking the player out of gameplay. Giving MJ a podcast that would play intermittently throughout the game would accomplish this, while having an extra layer of familiarity with both the player and the Spider-Men. The podcast could also play into Peter and MJ’s relationship dynamic, offering both moments of dramatic tension and comedic relief. Potential functions of The New Normal could include:

Offering commentary about recent missions. Providing background information about other characters, villains, and in-game events. Bridging the gap between narrative beats or side stories.

Because Mary Jane is directly connected to the plot of the Marvel’s Spider-Man games, her podcast episodes could carry more weight than those of Danika Hart or JJJ, who are firmly positioned as inconsequential side characters. If MJ continues to be relevant in the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man, she will naturally have a unique perspective that can be expanded upon through the podcast. There were some exciting MJ missions in Spider-Man 2 which, combined with the establishment of The New Normal, could set the foundation for a version of the character that is more important, interesting, and fleshed out in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 console exclusive. Insomniac’s open-world game features Peter Parker and Miles Morales as dual protagonists, with the two heroes going up against the likes of Kraven, Venom, and Lizard. 

 The Insomniac Spider-Man games feature charming, humorous in-game podcasts, and the next game has an obvious choice for a new one.  Read More