Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s unofficial PC version will not see the light of day. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was one of the biggest games of 2023 and was the reason to buy a PlayStation 5 last year over other platforms. It was the only first-party exclusive that Sony released last year and it was a damn good one. Fans had been waiting years for the game and were left with next to no information on the game since its reveal in 2021. Just a handful of months before its release, we were given a proper look at the game and then it was made available for us all to enjoy. It got nominated for a ton of awards, dominated in sales, and was an all around success.

Unfortunately, Insomniac Games‘ victory lap was spoiled when it was hacked at the end of 2023 and a ton of content was leaked. Plans for the company including new games, DLC plans, and more were leaked along with footage and even a playable build of Marvel’s Wolverine, the studio’s next game. People then tried to use some of the materials from the hack to get a PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 working, which is of course, very illegal because it’s pirated content. When traces of it began to surface, it quickly began to get taken down by Sony. Some of the people behind this unofficial version of the game began to pull back on their involvement in the project before they were later banned from Discord. It’s likely Insomniac Games and Sony were paying close attention and have gotten the authorities involved in the matter. With that said, you shouldn’t count on playing this unofficial PC port (and you shouldn’t play it even if it does come to exist, because it’s pirated content).

Remember when they said Spider-Man 2 was gonna be playable on PC

They’re quitting left & right & Insomniac has tracked them down & they’re scared ? less now. Stole property, couldn’t make it work now they can’t sleep not knowing who could be knocking on the door soon?…


January 17, 2024

A PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will likely happen eventually. The other two Spider-Man games came to PC along with numerous other PlayStation exclusives, so it seems likely that Sony will continue to port major releases to PC in the future. As for when that might be, it could be a couple of years, but it will probably happen some day.

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