Image: Push Square

The previous Marvel’s Spider-Man games proved a completionist’s dream, and it looks like the same will largely be true of incoming sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Acclaimed developer Insomniac Games has shared a partial list of Trophies for the imminent release, presumably with spoiler-filled story gongs removed. And the takeaway is that you’re going to have to do pretty much everything to achieve that prestigious Platinum.

For example, gongs include 100 per cent completing every district in the game, which will likely include completing any quests, finding all collectibles, and solving all crimes. You’ll also need to purchase all gadget upgrades, unlock all available suits, and fulfil a variety of combat objectives as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. It all looks relatively straightforward, but the underlying theme is that you’ll be required to do everything.

You can view the partial list of spoiler-free Trophies through here, but once you’ve had a browse, let us know if you’ll be going for the Platinum or not. It looks like it’s going to be a fun one to unlock, doesn’t it?


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