Insomniac Games promises that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be the “ultimate fantasy” for superhero fans.

The message comes from Game Director Ryan Smith and Creative Director Bryan Intihar, who, in a chat with Inverse, revealed that even with the original title, they wanted the games to be the “ultimate fantasy” for fans of Spider-Man and his universe. “There’s a reason the previous games open up with swinging right away. That’s the ultimate fantasy. One of the things we set out to do from day one was honor the fact that being Spider-Man is such a fantasy for so many people. They say anybody can wear the mask, but we want anybody to wear the mask and be good at wearing the mask at the same time. The barrier of entry should be pretty low.”

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The original PS4 title was a smash success, leading to a smaller PS5 spinoff title starring Miles Morales, which was equally praised. The upcoming sequel will feature many big changes to the game and the dynamic between Peter and Miles. For example, Peter will gain access to the Symbiote Suit, giving him a new set of powers. During the interview, Ryan Smith noted that the suit will give Peter more than just powerful new moves. It’ll give him more flexibility and options.


Miles Morales will also gain new abilities in the sequel through new tech. There will be gear designed to help set up combos while also dealing with multiple enemies at once. The directors said that they want gamers to “play around” with the abilities and gear so that they can upgrade the characters in the way they want.

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Aside from the improved gameplay, the narrative will be stronger, too. Intihar was asked about the game’s plot, and he noted that the narrative was one of the “pillars” of the game. They wanted to create a story that gamers could connect with. The two also said that Marvel has been incredibly helpful to them and hasn’t put severe restrictions on the team regarding what they can or can’t do.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will arrive on PS5 on October 20, 2023.

Source: Inverse

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