Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has cleaned up with PlayStation‘s own awards. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the biggest games of 2023. It is the biggest exclusive game that PlayStation put out this year and is the only brand new one from one of its first party studios. It’s also the culmination of a five year wait for fans who waited with baited breath to see the symbiote saga play out after a post-credits scene at the end of the first game. Of course, Miles Morales helped tide fans over in 2020, but fans were eager to see Kraven the Hunter, Venom, and the black suited Spider-Man with all of his new powers. The game didn’t disappoint and was a massive hit. It got rave reviews, is one of the best selling games of the entire year, and is a huge win for PlayStation going into the holiday season.

With that said, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 didn’t exactly sweep at The Game Awards earlier this year. Despite 7 nominations, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 didn’t win a single award which led to a lot of outrage from fans. However, PlayStation had its own little award ceremony voted on by fans and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 totally cleaned up. The game won PlayStation’s Game of the Year, Best PS5 Game, Best Story, and much more. It won 8 awards and Insomniac Games took home its own award for Best Studio of the Year in addition to that. It’s not too surprising that PlayStation fans voted for Spider-Man to win so many awards on a PlayStation award ceremony, but other games that got awards in other categories include Fortnite and Alan Wake 2

There are some interesting choices, however, as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 got an award for Best New Character for Venom. Of course, Venom is not a new character and has existed for decades now across comics, movies, TV shows, and even other video games like Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and more. Nevertheless, he is new to the Insomniac Games universe and the choice to make Venom Harry Osborn was one that is not super common in the history of the Spider-Man mythos.

ComicBook gave the game a 4.5 out of 5 in our review and praised the game for its strong storytelling, exciting gameplay, and the overall portrayal of Spider-Man as a hero of the people: “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 captures the essence of the character on a micro and macro level. We get big, epic set pieces infused with personal stakes, spectacular combat, the amazing web-swinging that every kid dreams of, and a story that tests Miles Morales and Peter Parker on both physical and mental levels. While it isn’t without its flaws, Spider-Man 2 is a sensational follow-up to the previous games and yet another winner for PlayStation players.”

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