Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to be released in a few days, and reviews and impressions of the game have already started circulating online. While many have praised the game’s action, traversal, and story, one particular aspect that has caught people’s attention is the presence of puddles.

In the first Spider-Man game, some players felt that the puddle density was lacking compared to what was shown in the E3 2017 gameplay trailer. The trailer featured larger and more defined puddles, which caused some disappointment when the released version did not match up to those expectations. This discrepancy led to a wave of discussions on social media, eventually being dubbed “puddlegate.”

Insomniac, the studio behind the game, took these discussions in stride and even added a playful fix for the puddlegate issue in the form of puddle stickers. However, it seems that the sequel will not require any stickers to address the puddle concerns, as the puddles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are already looking dense and realistic.

Industry insider shinobi602 humorously noted that Insomniac took the puddlegate matter personally. This led to a side-by-side comparison of a puddle area in Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man 2, highlighting the improved visuals and attention to detail in the sequel.

The reflections of passersby’s footsteps on the surface of the puddles, along with the dappled effect created by the trees above, contribute to the enhanced realism and visual appeal of the sequel’s puddles. It’s safe to say that puddlegate will not be a point of contention this time around.

Insomniac acknowledged shinobi602’s observation, with the studio’s community and marketing director James Stevenson assuring fans that they have delivered on “next-gen puddles.” The team was determined not to disappoint, and the improved visuals are a testament to their efforts.

Eurogamer recently awarded Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 an impressive four out of five stars. The game has been described as simple, familiar, and occasionally cluttered, but nevertheless offers brilliant fun for players. For a more detailed review of the game, readers can refer to Chris’ review, available on the Eurogamer website. Additionally, Aoife’s spoiler-free video review provides further insights into the game.

In conclusion, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has not only addressed the previous concerns regarding puddles but has also garnered positive reviews for its overall gameplay experience. Players can look forward to diving into the immersive world of Spider-Man once again, while enjoying the enhanced visuals that the sequel offers.


1. Puddlegate: The controversy surrounding the discrepancy between the puddle density shown in the E3 2017 gameplay trailer for the first Spider-Man game and the actual released version.

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