For the first four issues of “G.O.D.S.,” plot descriptions leave more questions than answers. Issue #1 teases “the infinite détente between THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS and THE-POWERS-THAT-BE nears an end.” The solicit mentions a meeting between old acquaintances at a “Babylon Event,” and adds: “Don’t look under the table. There’s a John Wilkes Booth penny on the ground.”

Meanwhile, the second issue shares: “Centum normally has twenty-five Primes, now only three remain. College isn’t worth the time or the money. There’s a hidden book in the hidden library that hides a hidden door. Cubisk Core is from Georgia, and that matters.”

Future issues will showcase a character named Cassandra — someone cursed with knowledge of future events but no one believes her. The rest of the preview for issue three feels like a puzzle, stating: “There are Black Swans in the bar. Oblivion wants to drink alone, but kids these days don’t respect authority figures. Most of the ingredients are illegal outside of Hell’s Kitchen.” Issue four hints: [The] “guy in the Beekeeper suit is holding a thing that’s freaking everyone out. A Skinner box is bigger on the inside than the outside. The Avatar makes an enemy on the Axis of Power. If you save the universe and no one remembers, is it worth it? Maybe.”

Good luck determining what those teases mean, readers, as they sound like something out of “Twin Peaks.” But we’re curious to see what the future holds.

Marvel Comics’ “G.O.D.S.” issue #1 arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on October 4, 2023.

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