The Circus of Crime is one of the least effective criminal organizations in Marvel Comics. Led by the hypnotic Ringmaster, the villains tried to rob their customers, only to face repeated defeats by various heroes. The latest incarnation of the Circus of Crime suffered the most humiliating loss ever in the presence of Doctor Strange. However, the Master of the Mystic Arts had nothing to do with their defeat, which was brought about by a baby.

Doctor Strange #11 by Jed MacKay and Danilo S. Beyruth found Stephen Strange enjoying a rare night off with his wife, Clea. The two were babysitting Clea’s infant sister, Donna, and took her to Coney Island. Donna, who possessed magical powers beyond her years, soon went missing. This prompted the two mages to turn their considerable powers towards finding her.

At the same time, a new incarnation of the Circus of Crime was preparing to make their debut. Led by the Ringmaster’s daughter, Ringmistress, they planned to use the largest hypno-wheel ever to turn everyone on Coney Island into their accomplices. Ordinarily, this plan might have gone under the radar of Doctor Strange and Clea. However, the new Circus of Crime proved completely incapable of handling one mischievous baby, even without magic powers coming into play.

The New Circus of Crime Needed No Clowns

(Image Source: Marvel / Danilo S. Beyruth)

The new Circus of Crime’s luck ran from bad to worse, after Donna stole the controller for their hypno-wheel. The knife-thrower Stefano Stiletto was paralyzed by the plush animals on the midway, even before Donna brought them to life. (It turned out he suffered from ludlophobia – the fear of toys) Ringmistress also forgot about her powers, and had to be reminded that she could hypnotize Donna into standing still.

It was at this point that a less-than-amused Doctor Strange and Clea finally caught up with their wayward charge. However, this may have been a mercy for the Circus of Crime, given how they suffered at Donna’s hand. As the Ringmistress lamented, her father may have been a joke, “but even he never got got by a magic baby!”

Doctor Strange #11 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

 The new Circus of Crime shut down before they could premiere, thanks to the efforts of a magical baby and Doctor Strange.  Read More